Reverse Graffiti

Imagine having the ability to clean up the environment and create something you love at the same time. This is a reality for English artist Moose Curtis as he washes walls covered in dirt, moss, and other grime with a pressure washer. However, Curtis doesn’t restore walls to their original state; he utilizes the pressure washer and traces wooden cut-outs of cars. The stencil and pressure washer create a crisp image of a vehicle like the Tesla Roadster, giving the impression it’s coming through the wall.

Curtis uses a technique called “grime writing” or “reverse graffiti,” which utilizes stencils and high pressure water. The biggest issues Curtis face are finding a wall that is graffiti-free and getting permission from property owners to do his work.

Artists like Moose Curtis use pollution as a means of expressing themselves and cleaning up the environment at the same time. Take a look at the art for yourself right here:

Source: Fotorater

By Trevor Dorchies