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Sure, the long-term numbers are bigger – 5,000 produced by the end of the year, 20,000 (or maybe even 30,000) in 2013 – but the immediate digits that define the Tesla Model S are quite manageable. Specifically, as of Friday, Tesla has built 50 of the luxury electric vehicles, 29 for retail customers and 21 that are destined for Tesla stores.

In the next few weeks, Tesla plans to build 50 more and the pace will increase as needed after that until the automaker hits the aforementioned target numbers, Bloomberg reports. What’s perhaps most interesting is that the first 50 vehicles have already been driven more than 39,000 miles, writes George Blankenship, Tesla’s vice president of worldwide sales and ownership experience, which is an average of 780 miles per vehicle. Most of those miles were put on at the Get Amped Model S tour, which is out and about introducing the car to potential buyers. The plan for that road show is 5,000 test drives in 45 days. As always, Tesla is thinking big.

Still, as of today, you could park every Model S that exists in a moderately sized restaurant parking lot. It won’t be long, and this will not be the case.

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By Sebastian Blanco