tesla model s interior

Earlier this month, Tesla Motors announced a software update for its Model S all-electric luxury sedan. No less an authority than our old friend Damon Lavrinc over at Wired has blessed the upgrade. Lavrinc calls Tesla’s upgrades a “solid, feature-rich update” that overcomes what had been “egregious oversights” for an automaker steeped in technological advancements.

Some of the improvements of note include better, simpler voice-command features for navigation and radio control, which is handled through a on-board 3G modem. The driver can call saved contacts through Bluetooth, while the software allows for more user customization on steering-wheel knobs to include temperature control. The graphics showing the car’s battery range are also improved.

As we already heard, the new Model S software includes a so-called “sleep mode,” in which the vehicle takes slightly longer to fully power up but also allows it to get another eight miles of range for every day that the car is not used and not plugged in, compared to a Model S that just sits in normal off mode while unplugged. The software can be downloaded via the on-board modem while the vehicle is in operation, and can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours. Last month, the Model S won the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award.

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By Danny King