tesla model st render by Theophilus Chin

Theophilus Chin has been known to wagonize a vehicle or two with his computer skills, so the fictional Tesla Model ST wagon seen above is not a total surprise. Chin took the exquisite shape of the Model S and left the front end pretty much alone. In the back, though, Chin created a station wagon for the plug-in generation, complete with a practical (if range-affecting) roof rack.

We know Tesla is officially working on new models, starting with the Model X CUV, which is based on the Model S, and then a third-generation platform and a next-gen Roadster. As good as Chin’s rendering looks, the Model S already has a frunk (front-end trunk) and plenty of storage room in back already. So, does a Model S wagon even make sense? Would Europeans eat these up? How about Americans? How about you?

Should Tesla offer a Model S wagon? Yes. 1101 (68.4%) No. 410 (25.5%) I’m not sure. 98 (6.1%)
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tesla model st rendertesla model st render

By Sebastian Blanco