Being a small startup automotive company means that you’re free to conduct business in ways other than the established norms, but Tesla will sometimes act as though this is a challenge being issued to break as many norms as possible. Their latest defiance of norms was to begin deliveries of a new type of car without telling anyone in the press, whereas most automakers prefer to brag about these things. Tesla isn’t exactly famous for modesty, so this seems even stranger, but Green Car Reports has found sufficient evidence to suggest that it really is happening.

The car in question isn’t a whole new model, but rather the second of three versions of the Model S. The three versions are differentiated by their battery packs, which determine both the price and the range of the car. Already being delivered is the 85kWh car, which has an EPA-rated range of 265 miles. The 60kWh car has a range of 208 miles, which is still quite a lot for an electric car. Due out next is the lowest-cost 40kWh car, which Tesla says will have a 160-mile range. Considering most electric cars have a range of around 100 miles, there isn’t a version of the Model S which doesn’t far exceed the norm.

The way it was discovered that deliveries had begun was simply that the new owners were posting pictures of their new cars on internet forums. More than just a couple of isolated cases, it seems safe to assume that deliveries have truly begun in earnest. This is either good or slightly annoying news to anyone who ordered one of the 60kWh cars, depending on how they look at it.

By Jacob Joseph