Telsa shocked the autosphere late last week with plans to deliver two new vehicles: another crossover SUV and a sports car.

The unnamed crossover SUV would be the second such vehicle, joining Tesla’s upcoming Model X. The sports car would be heir apparent to the Tesla Roadster, which was discontinued at the beginning of 2012.

No details of these two new vehicles have been released. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk says the two new vehicles were needed to “round out” the Tesla lineup so the small company could reach economy of scale of its current platform. The Tesla crossover SUV and sports car would expand Tesla’s offering to five: two sedans, two crossovers, and the sports car. Currently, only the Model S sedan is offered for sale.

The production version of the Telsa Model X crossover is planned to be delivered sometime in 2014, with the second sedan to arrive in 2015. The second Tesla crossover and sports car may be arriving in 2016.

Source: Autopia

By Joel Arellano