5th September 2013

2010 Tesla Roadster

2010 Tesla Roadster

Not long ago, it was hard to use the term 'sporty' in the same sentence with the word “electric.” That being said, as the technology progressed, green cars have started to grow faster and stronger, being able to compete against any famous sports car that can be found on today’s roads. Tesla had a major role in permanently changing our perception of electric cars. Its sporty model - the Roadster – was launched in 2006 ...
31st August 2013

Around-the-world Tesla tour crashes just 600 miles from finish line [w/video] *UPDATE

noooooooooo!!!!!! game over! +++ I'm fine!!!! That's how Rafael de Mestre let his fans know that his attempt to be the first to drive around the world in a standard all-electric car, a Tesla Roadster, had come to an end. De Mestre posted the above picture to Facebook along with a short video of 'the black day of the race' showing the crash and some of the aftereffects (see it below). The Roadster rear-ended a Toyota ...
21st August 2013

Tesla to Start Shipping Model S Electric Sedans Next Month

By Mike Ramsey Getty Images Tesla Model S Tesla Motors Inc., the Silicon Valley electric car startup, said on Tuesday it would begin delivering its Model S sports car on June 22. The all-aluminum body Model S is expected to be priced starting at $57,400, giving the Palo Alto, Calif., company a vehicle that could sell in higher volumes than its existing Roadster, which costs about $109,000. The vehicle is being produced in a retrofitted section of a former Toyota ...
21st August 2013

Tesla Taking a New Approach to Automotive Sales

We always see new little wrinkles in automotive dealerships to try and make the car-buying experience seem less stressful and forced. Two key examples are the “No-Haggle” promise offered by now-defunct Saturn and the “Sign-and-Drive” ...
20th August 2013

Envia Claims ‘Breakthrough’ in Lithium-Ion Battery Cost and Energy Density

Envia Systems, a battery maker based in California, announced on Monday what it called a “major breakthrough” in lithium-ion cell technology that would result in a significant increase in the energy density — and a sharp reduction in the cost — of lithium-ion battery packs. Envia is financed by the Energy Department and G.M. Ventures, the venture-capital arm of General Motors, as well as other investors. Envia SystemsMr. Kapadia. “We will be able to make smaller automotive ...
17th August 2013

Tesla in final stages of Model S prep; readying Supercharger network for road trips

Tesla Motors has nothing but undeniable design hits in its two-vehicle portfolio. We know this is true because there has been very little written about how bad the Roadster and the Model S look. We're about to see if the company can make it three in a row when the wraps come off the Model X at a special event February 9 in Los Angeles. Getting our first visuals of that crossover will certainly be ...
14th August 2013

In deep with Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Financials, Falcon doors and finding faults in the Model S

Tesla Motors Elon Musk spends about half his working life – i.e., almost all of his waking hours – in his office at SpaceX in Los Angeles. The automotive CEO is, after all, also in charge of the rocket company, which means that he's thinking about a lot more than just ramping up production of the Model S. But he is thinking about that a lot, too. More than you might expect. AutoblogGreen recently got to ...
14th August 2013

Tesla: Model S (and X) can be parked for a year without bricking

And now the official, long-form response from Tesla Motors on the bricking issue, which can be boiled down to: plug it in, please. On the Tesla website, the company has addressed reports that up to five Tesla Roadsters have been turned into gorgeous paperweights that need a $40,000 repair because their batteries were discharged too low. The official but unattributed article (unless we're supposed to believe that 'Tesla Motors' actually wrote the piece) says that bricking ...
1st August 2013

Tesla libel suit against Top Gear fails again

Tesla and the company's lawyers are nothing if not determined. After a judge smacked down the electric vehicle manufacturer's libel suit against the BBC and Top Gear for comments made about the range of the Tesla Roadster, the automaker rallied with a second, amended lawsuit. It didn't take long for the the same judge to nix the new case, too, saying the amendment was 'not capable of being defamatory at all, or, if it is, ...
26th July 2013

Next Tesla Roadster delayed until after mass-market EV launch

With the demise of the Lotus Elise in the United States, the Tesla Roadster's fate was sealed. With no chassis rolling out of Hethel, Tesla had to end production of the Roadster and shift its focus to the Model S and the just-revealed Model X. But some kind of Roadster successor has always been in the cards and as Tesla's SEC filings revealed two years ago, the new sports car was supposed to arrive next year. ...