4th September 2013

2012 Tesla Model X Concept

2012 Tesla Model X Concept

The long-awaited revelation of the Tesla Model X has finally arrived. And we gotta admit, the hype and all that wait was definitely worth it.As the third model of Tesla’s company automotive portfolio, the Model X Crossover carries the same design architecture of the Model S. As expected, the front end of the Model X is similar to the Model S while the sloping roofline exudes an aura of coupe-like aggressiveness and downright awesomeness. We ...
28th August 2013

Tesla Model X Pushed Back One Year

Tesla Model X Pushed Back One Year

So, we have been very patient with what may be one of the best crossover SUVs ever built: the Tesla Model X. We were expecting to see the Model X released in late-2013 for the 2014 model year, but things are changing, as they usually do. According to a report by Los Angeles Times, the Model X’s production has been pushed to late-2014 with deliveries happening in 2015. The reasoning for the delay is that ...
21st August 2013

Tesla to Start Shipping Model S Electric Sedans Next Month

By Mike Ramsey Getty Images Tesla Model S Tesla Motors Inc., the Silicon Valley electric car startup, said on Tuesday it would begin delivering its Model S sports car on June 22. The all-aluminum body Model S is expected to be priced starting at $57,400, giving the Palo Alto, Calif., company a vehicle that could sell in higher volumes than its existing Roadster, which costs about $109,000. The vehicle is being produced in a retrofitted section of a former Toyota ...
21st August 2013

Tesla Model X to have … “falcon” doors?

If you've been following the story of the soon-to-be-revealed Tesla Model X, you're likely aware that the all-electric crossover is said to be quicker than a Porsche 911, offer more interior space than an Audi Q7 and come with all-wheel drive (at least as an option). Also, if the teaser image is any indication, it should be pretty svelte. What you might not know is that the feature likely to garner the most initial attention are ...
21st August 2013

Tesla Taking a New Approach to Automotive Sales

We always see new little wrinkles in automotive dealerships to try and make the car-buying experience seem less stressful and forced. Two key examples are the “No-Haggle” promise offered by now-defunct Saturn and the “Sign-and-Drive” ...
17th August 2013

Tesla in final stages of Model S prep; readying Supercharger network for road trips

Tesla Motors has nothing but undeniable design hits in its two-vehicle portfolio. We know this is true because there has been very little written about how bad the Roadster and the Model S look. We're about to see if the company can make it three in a row when the wraps come off the Model X at a special event February 9 in Los Angeles. Getting our first visuals of that crossover will certainly be ...
16th August 2013

Tesla takes 500 Model X reservations worth $40M, Model S sales also spike

If the prevailing opinion of a new design can be judged by initial sales, then the jury is in on the Tesla Model X. They like it. They really, really like it. From the time the electric crossover was driven out on stage at Tesla Design Studios late Thursday night/early Friday morning until Valentine's Day four days later, the company says it has received over $40 million worth of reservation love. What that means is that ...
9th August 2013

Tesla Model X crossover teased, full reveal to be live on Internet

Perhaps the biggest reveal of 2012 for fans of luxury performance all-electric vehicles (or, perhaps, anyone automotively inclined with a pulse) is set for the 9th of February when Tesla Motors pulls the shroud from its Model X crossover at its new Los Angeles design studio. And now, we have been given a strong hint of what to expect. The upstart California startup has just sent out a new version of its invitation to customers, and ...
2nd August 2013

Build It or Bag It?: The Results Are In

By Joseph B. White Getty Images Hyundai HCD-14 The early results are in for the 2013 Eyes on the Road Build It or Bag It poll, and the big winners are a concept for a Hyundai luxury car, a sporty new look for the Toyota Corolla and Tesla’s “falcon wing” sport utility vehicle. The “Build It or Bag It” poll invites WSJ.com readers to cast an online vote to build one of the concept cars displayed at the North ...