11th June 2013

SAE, ACEA, and OEMs Recommend CCS to Go all AC/DC at EVS26

Fear not, electric vehicle owners and considerers: Fast-charging is about to get simplified. Thanks to the SAE, the ACEA, and most major OEMs, the CCS is about to get all AC/DC, and very soon, if demonstrations at EVS go according to plan. OK, let’s back that up, in case you’re not a credentialed automotive engineer. Since the dawn of automotive electrification, the collective ...
11th June 2013

Report: Tesla Letting Roadster Owners Trade In For Model S – Rumor Central

Technophiles often want to own the newest technology, but don’t always have something to do with yesterday’s device. Tesla, however, will be making it easy for current Roadster owners to upgrade to a Model S. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Tesla has created a buyback program for current Roadster owners who are looking to move into a new Model S. Tesla’s program works just as any other trade-in deal would work, and has been created ...
10th June 2013

Hagerty Picks 10 Future Classics, Do You Agree? – Rumor Central

Picking which cars will become classics is a lot like playing the stock market: it takes a little insight and a lot of luck. Insurance company Hagerty thinks it has found ten new cars on sale today that will become sought-after classics in the future. “This year’s Hot List is comprised of vehicles from a wide variety of market segments and manufacturers, but they all share one thing in common — a certain ‘cool’ factor that ...