14th August 2013

Why Is Tesla Motors Cranking Out Just a Handful of Model S Sedans Per Week?

This year, the Tesla Model S electric sedan is expected to reach 5,000 homes. Tesla is expecting to make 20,000 Model S sedans in 2013. But late last week, we had an opportunity to speak with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who said the company was producing just one or two cars a day—and with very good reason. Musk said Tesla’s crew is taking its ...
13th August 2013

NHTSA Wants Hybrids, Electric Vehicles to Have Minimum Sound Requirement

Hybrid and electric vehicles have many positives, primarily fuel economy. An electric motor generates all the necessary power to get up and go, without the assistance of a noisy gasoline engine. But that lack of noise is one of the drawbacks: the absence of engine noise means pedestrians have a harder time hearing these vehicles coming. If the National Highway Transportation Safety ...
10th August 2013

Lithium Batteries Fall Short of Forecasts

Sales and performance of the lithium ion batteries has fallen short of projected forecasts, and better technology is required to make them safer, battery experts told U.S. regulators today. The technology failure put pressure on the battery makers, explaining the slow development of electric cars and the other problems the batteries have in different applications. Almost 25 percent of the average lithium ion ...
5th August 2013

Dealership Associations Miffed That Tesla Motors Has Better Business Model

Car dealers and their lawyers around the country are up in arms about Tesla Motors. “Illegal!” they shout. Mass panic is ensuing with dealers, some of which are contacting their state representatives to shut down Tesla’s newfangled business model where it opens stores in malls and has the transaction done digitally. What do they have to fear from an automaker that has barely ...
3rd August 2013

L.A. to Vegas on One Charge? Wide Open Throttle Drives Electric Tesla to Test Range

The term “range anxiety” was created by now-Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz to describe what electric car drivers would feel as their range ticked down with little hope of finding a charging station. One part fear mongering and many more parts truth, there’s little an electric car driver can do when he or she is stranded at the side of a road with ...
2nd August 2013

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles to Comprise Five Percent of U.S. Market by 2017

For the first time in about 100 years, hybrid and electric-powered vehicles appear to be gaining traction in the new car market. They’re selling so quickly that one research company says they will make up five percent of the U.S. market by 2017. The data comes from Pike Research, a technology consultation firm. With strong sales figures from cars like the 2012 Nissan ...
30th July 2013

Feature Flick: News Round Up, Including C7, Mercedes AMGs, Tesla Model X – Rumor Central

The Motor Trend Channel’s Wide Open Throttle news show kicks off its fourth episode, starting out with more than a dozen models coming from AMG in the next few years, electric-powered BMWs, and spy shots of the upcoming seventh-generation Corvette just around the corner, and Tesla’s sporty new Model X electric crossover. We’re all fans of high-performance models, so whenever we hear more are coming, we get excited. Among the most intriguing is the rumored Porsche ...
21st July 2013

Watch A Citroen DS Battle A Tesla Model S – Rumor Central

The Citroen DS-19 and the 2013 Tesla Model S duke it out in the latest Head 2 Head episode. The pairing seems odd at first, but host Jonny Lieberman argues that the Model S and the DS are packed with innovation, making both contenders worthy of a comparison. Lieberman argues that the Citroen might be the most innovative car in the 20th century for many reasons. For starters, the car’s futuristic body is constructed of fiberglass ...
18th July 2013

*UPDATED* Three Tesla Employees Perish in Plane Crash

A twin-engine aircraft crashed into power lines outside of Palo Alto, California, today, killing all three occupants — reportedly employees of Tesla Motors. KTVU reports that the Cessna 310 plane, which was headed south, took off in extremely foggy conditions, and crashed shortly after takeoff. Witnesses described hearing two loud booms. One of the aircraft’s wings broke off and hit the back of a nearby house. The crash has reportedly also taken out power within ...
17th July 2013

2012 CES: The Best of the Rest

2012 CES: The Best of the Rest

This year, plenty of automakers pulled their full weight into the Consumer Electronics Show. But there were plenty of little guys out there, too, that made us ask “Why didn’t someone else think of that sooner?” Whether big or small, there were a lot of announcements at the show—some bigger than others, some cooler than others. They were spread over 35 football fields ...