16th July 2013

Cocktail Chatter: April 12, 2013 – Rumor Central

What cocktails go best with all this car chatter? Automobilemag.com is here to help with weekly recipes. Remember, this is for talking about cars, not driving — always designate a driver. With the arrival of warmer weather in most of the country, we’re celebrating the spring-like weather with associate web editor Donny Nordlicht’s favorite drink: the sky-blue-colored Aviation. Combine two ounces of gin with half an ounce each of lemon juice and maraschino liqueur and a quarter ...
9th July 2013

DOE still has $16.6 billion left in ATVM loan program

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) is questioning why Department of Energy (DOE) loan funds are not paying out as planned. The participation hurdle is high, and there's about $16.6 billion in green vehicle loan appropriations going unused, the GAO found. The funds come from DOE's 2005 Loan Guarantee Program and its Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) loan program from 2007. These programs were a directive from Congress, but now House and Senate lawmakers on the ...
9th July 2013

Rumors Dispelled: Who Killed The Electric Car? We Did, But Just In Our Minds

The electric car has gotten a bad rap recently. Witness the furor over the Chevrolet Volt, which was evidently slated to be the next Ford Pinto. (Admittingly, the jokes were cheap and fun.) The Fisker Karma, the super-slinky, salacious supercar, is the new standard in ultra-luxury unreliability! And if we’re to believe the hype, Tesla’s batteries are bricking more than the third ...
9th July 2013

Top 10 New Car Future Classics

Top 10 New Car Future Classics

We’ve all seen televised classic car auctions where a one-owner piece of vintage iron fetches six-digit sums, and we’ve all wondered the same thing, “How did that guy know his car was going to be a classic one day?” Not long after, you probably looked at what’s in your driveway, and wondered, “Will my car ever become a classic?” Being car guys (and girls), we often wonder the same thing – what modern cars might ...
3rd July 2013

What $20 million means to both Tesla and Fisker

When is $20 million not equal to $20 million? When, for some, it's an interest payment and, for others, it's all someone else thinks they're worth. Here's how that one number means two totally different things to two different green car companies. Speaking to Bloomberg Television about the early repayment of Tesla Motors' DOE loan, CEO Elon Musk said today that, 'ultimately, the US taxpayer actually made a profit above $20 million on this loan. For ...
28th June 2013

XP Technology sues DOE over advanced vehicle loan rejection

The US Department of Energy has been sued in US court by a company that it denied a loan to in its Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program. San Francisco-based XP Technology is charging the DOE with 'corruption and negligence' for the way it handled the approval for loan process. XP Technology is looking for funding to develop its battery and hydrogen fuel-cell powered car that has body panels made from expanded foam. The compact car would ...
19th June 2013

Sarah Palin calls Tesla a ‘loser,’ which ‘wounds’ CEO Elon Musk

Wasn't it the 2012 presidential race that featured Republican candidates disparaging electric vehicle companies? Well, yes, but that doesn't mean the 2008 vice presidential candidate (and Ex-Alaska governor) Sarah Palin can't do the same. In a Facebook post that bashed subsidies for advanced-powertrain vehicles like the Fisker Karma and Chevrolet Volt, Palin referred to California-based electric-car maker Tesla Motors as a 'loser.' Palin, in a Facebook post presumably written while she enjoyed her home's view of Russia, ...
17th June 2013

Week in Review: The Rise and Fall of the Electric Car and Everything In Between

You would have loved to be in our office this week, especially with some big announcements from two environmental-centric automakers. Fisker looks like it’s circling the drain while rival Tesla is getting ready to expand. On top of that, the suddenly relevant Shanghai Motor Show is just around the corner, and automakers are preparing for that, including one blast from the past: ...
14th June 2013

Bailout and gas prices hot buttons in Presidential debate

The pros and cons of the auto bailout and concerns about the rising price of gasoline have been a political football throughout this election season. So, it should come as no surprise that the auto industry was brought up more than a few times in last night's heated presidential debate. Roughly a minute into the debate, the subject was raised by President Obama when asked a question about unemployment. The President's answer: 'I want to build ...
14th June 2013

Auto Makers Have Fewer Differences According to Consumers, Survey

The past few years has seen major shakeups in the automotive industry, and it shows in a recent survey on brand perception conducted by Consumer Reports. Once dominant players Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Chevrolet remain on top, but each automaker has seen its points gap decrease compared to last year. In the meantime, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has broken into the top ...