30th August 2013

Tesla Model X makes auto show debut in Detroit

Tesla isn't holding its Detroit Auto Show press conference until tomorrow, but there's a new Model X on the stand today. This one is white – and, in a nice touch, it's simply called 'white' – and has an updated interior and new wheels. We doubt those wheels will ever make it to production, since they have carbon fiber spokes that are pure flair, not structural. Inside, the surfaces, materials and colors are updated from the ...
25th August 2013

Developer sues Tesla over proposed New Mexico Model S plant

New Mexico may be The Land of Enchantment, but at least one developer from the state is less than charmed with Tesla Motors. The electric-vehicle maker has been sued by Rio Real Estate Investment Opportunities for what the developer says was an agreed-upon deal for Tesla to produce its Model S battery-electric sedan in New Mexico, according to website Gigaom. Tesla allegedly reached an agreement in early 2007 to have Rio Real Estate build a 150,000-square-foot factory ...
23rd August 2013

Tesla’s Elon Musk calls Fisker Karma ‘a mediocre product at a high price’

It is official: the gloves are off in the war of words between Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and Fisker Automotive chief Henrik Fisker. Most of the verbal barbs came from Musk, who sat down to gossip with Automobile Magazine about archrival Fisker. The bad blood goes back a few years to when Tesla unsuccessfully sued Henrik Fisker for developing the Karma while under contract for the design of the Model S – basically paying someone ...
19th August 2013

Tesla announces European pricing for Model S, will make “same level of profit” as in US

Tesla Motors has announced European pricing for the Model S all-electric luxury sedan and has given a time frame for first sales of both left-hand and right-hand-drive versions across the Pond. Tesla is giving the Model S vehicles earmarked for the Netherlands a base price of about $96,000 and a Performance version of about $129,000. The company said on its blog that the prices, which mark about a $30,000 premium on US versions, factor in transportation ...
13th August 2013

Tesla Model S will get update for ‘creep’ mode, Service Center costs detailed

With a vehicle as potentially paradigm-shifting as the Model S, you've got to have the service to match. That's why Tesla Motors is rolling out what it calls a 'transformed service experience.' 'Moving beyond automobile service of the past 100 years means bringing service to you in a new way,' wrote Joost de Vries, vice president of global service, on the company's official blog. Tesla will be nearly tripling the number of Tesla Service Centers so ...
12th August 2013

Tesla Model S finally has its date with a dyno

The performance abilities – and even the burnout potential – of the Tesla Model S has already been well documented, but, surprisingly, we haven't yet seen the all-electric luxury hatchback strapped to a dyno. Fortunately, the crew over at Dragtimes has posted a video that finally gave us some real-world numbers for the family- and environmentally friendly Tesla. As the article points out, the results might be off a little (on the low side) due to ...
11th August 2013

Game on! Elon Musk calls Fisker Karma ‘a mediocre product at a high price’

It is official: Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and Fisker Automotive chief Henrik Fisker are throwing jabs at each other, without wearing gloves or safety helmets! Okay, maybe it's not that exciting, but, for those interested in the egos and competition behind the new industry of luxury plug-ins, it's worth checking out. Most of the juicy information came from the extremely busy Musk, taking time away from developing advanced EV technology and Space X cargo ships, ...
25th July 2013

Toyota RAV4 EV gets EPA rating of 78 MPGe, 103-mile range; leases are $599/month

Buried in a press release from Toyota about the loan and lease options for the 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV is the long-awaited confirmation that this is a 100-mile electric vehicle. The EPA has tested the CUV and rates it as having a driving range of 103 miles fully charged and 76 combined miles per gallon equivalent (74 highway and 78 city). This makes it the first non-Tesla-branded EV the EPA has rated at over 100 ...
15th July 2013

Teslaccessories will make after-market products for the select few

Leave it to a maker of Tesla after-market products to generate a waiting list for a cup holder. Florida-based Teslaccessories is entering the extremely nascent Tesla after-market product industry with just one product: a center console insert for the Model S. Or CCI for those in the know. With stitched leather and carbon composite components, the CCI not only offers storage but a place to set down a champagne glass for those who want to toast ...
11th July 2013

Elon Musk hints a Texas plant could build Tesla pickup

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in Texas this week, fighting for his company's right to sell electric cars directly to consumers. He also hinted that Tesla might have big plans for Texas, if this one little law just goes his way. 'I have this idea for a really advanced electric truck that has the performance of a sports car but actually more towing power and more carrying capacity than a gasoline or diesel truck of comparable ...