11th August 2013

Tesla posts $89.9M Q1 loss, Model S coming sooner than expected

It seems like we've been hearing about the Tesla Model S for a decade, but a report in Yahoo states that the electric sedan is only a month away from production. That's about one month ahead of schedule, as Tesla is reportedly wrapping up crash testing fast enough to start making the hotly anticipated EV. The Model S couldn't come at a much better time for Tesla, as the automaker just announced a first quarter loss ...
2nd August 2013

Mercedes to market Tesla-powered 2014 B-Class EV in U.S.

Looks like another Tesla Motors investor will be looking to cash in on their connection. Autoweek reports Mercedes-Benz will offer their B-Class in the U.S. with Tesla propulsion. The magazine says their source at the German automaker confirms plans for a B-Class electric-only vehicle. While Tesla already provides battery packs for the battery-powered Smart ForTwo, the B-Class EV will reportedly have Tesla batteries, motor and other components. U.S. residents should be able to procure one sometime ...
30th July 2013

Tesla investor says Detroit 3 has lost electric car war, should go build flying cars instead

Tim Draper, co-founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, a multi-billion venture capital firm that supports Tesla, came to Detroit on Thursday slinging either inspiration or insults, depending on what side of the fence you sit on. 'Don't live in your reality distortion field here in Detroit,' Draper told the Detroit Free Press in an interview during Teleconomy conference at Wayne State University. 'You've got to look at it and say, 'Yeah we could do something here. We ...
24th June 2013

Tesla to build electric Mercedes

Tesla and Daimler are set to collaborate on a new electric Mercedes-Benz. According to Gigaom.com, the fourth-quarter earnings report released by Tesla earlier this week revealed the company is set to supply a full powertrain for an unnamed electric Mercedes-Benz in the near future. Those components include a motor, transmission, inverter and all of the software necessary to keep the car whirring along. Funds from the deal are supposed to begin trickling in by the ...
24th June 2013

Tesla will start repaying loans by end of this year

A week after Tesla Motors announced it would be able to deliver the first Model S in June, a month ahead of the original July release date, the startup automaker continued the good news by announcing it will start repaying the Energy Department loans it got in 2009. The $465 million loan was part of the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program meant to encourage the creation jobs and cars using little or no fossil fuels. Fisker, ...
23rd June 2013

Tesla Model S may come early with more range than promised: 320 miles!

Mission accomplished? That's what Tesla executives Elon Musk and J.B. Straubel might be asking themselves after running single-charge mileage tests of the company's Model S sedan, which could be making the near first customer deliveries in about a month. That's roughly 30 days ahead of schedule, as Tesla is reportedly wrapping up crash testing fast enough to start making the hotly-anticipated EV. Tesla's Model S battery-electric sedan has about a 31 percent longer single-charge range than the ...