5th September 2013

2010 Tesla Roadster

2010 Tesla Roadster

Not long ago, it was hard to use the term 'sporty' in the same sentence with the word “electric.” That being said, as the technology progressed, green cars have started to grow faster and stronger, being able to compete against any famous sports car that can be found on today’s roads. Tesla had a major role in permanently changing our perception of electric cars. Its sporty model - the Roadster – was launched in 2006 ...
5th September 2013

A123 May Have a Solved the No. 1 Problem with Lithium-Ion Car Batteries

One of the largest – if not the largest – problems with electric cars becoming a complete reality is the limitation of the lithium-ion battery. One issue is the fact that they are extremely susceptible to extreme heat and cold. Both ends of the temperature spectrum ...
2nd September 2013

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, Calls Fisker a "Mediocre Product at a High Price;" Henrik Fisker "Delighted"

It was just a matter of time before Tesla and Fisker had to duke it out for a second time – the first coming in a Fisker-won court battle. This time around, it was Tesla ...
30th August 2013

First Tesla Model S Owner Takes Delivery

Watch on YouTube The anticipated release of the Tesla Model S is nearly here. It began just a few days ago with the launch of the Tesla Model S design studio, so customers could customize their own Model S and place an order. Just a few days later, we are now set to announce that the first Model S has been handed over ...
28th August 2013

Tesla Owners Take Solidarity Road Trip

By Lauren Goode Getty Images Tesla Model S A group of Tesla Model S owners, charged up over a recent New York Times column that challenged the reliability of the electric vehicle, hit the road this weekend to replicate the same drive the Times reporter made. The group, which started out with nine cars, drove the 353 miles from Rockville, Md. to Groton, Conn., live-tweeting telemetry updates and color commentary throughout the trip. But not all of the starting nine ...
28th August 2013

Pure Electric or Plug-In Hybrid: Which Is Best?

By Mike Ramsey General Motors Co. Chevrolet Volt DETROIT – In the early months of sales of General Motors Co.’s Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Motor Co.’s Leaf electric car, an interesting horserace analysis ensued over which company would truly live up to the hype. No longer. GM’s Volt is averaging around 1,700 sales a month and has 8,817 at the halfway point of 2012. The Leaf has 3,148 in the same period, topping out at just over 500 a ...
28th August 2013

Tesla Model X Pushed Back One Year

Tesla Model X Pushed Back One Year

So, we have been very patient with what may be one of the best crossover SUVs ever built: the Tesla Model X. We were expecting to see the Model X released in late-2013 for the 2014 model year, but things are changing, as they usually do. According to a report by Los Angeles Times, the Model X’s production has been pushed to late-2014 with deliveries happening in 2015. The reasoning for the delay is that ...
26th August 2013

Fisker Hires Investment Bank to Help Raise Funds

Getty Images Fisker Karma By Mike Ramsey and Sharon Terlep Fisker Automotive Inc., the cash-strapped maker of a battery-powered sports car, recruited investment bank Evercore Partners Inc. to find potential partners or investors, the company’s chief executive said on Friday. The Anaheim, Calif.-based car company hired Evercore earlier this year when it became clear the company needed a partnership with another auto maker to lower production costs and shore up its finances. Fisker’s search for new capital could result in ...
24th August 2013

NY Times, Tesla Continue War of Words Over Electric-Car Review

By Jonathan Welsh Getty Images Tesla Model S Electric-car maker Tesla Motors, which is involved in a dispute with the New York Times over a review the newspaper ran of its Model S electric-powered sedan, released a long statement about the matter on its blog. The message includes several charts displaying data Tesla said it logged during the test-drive. The car company said its information indicates several parts of the article are inaccurate. The Times said stands by a statement it made ...
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