5th September 2013

2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year: Tesla Model S [w/video]

Eleven cars enter, one car leaves. Silently and with zero emissions. Tesla has earned one of the most coveted prizes in the automotive world, as its Model S has taken home the Golden Calipers as the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year. In the process, the Model S beat out a field that included 10 other contenders. In case you were wondering, this is the first time an electric car has earned this accolade. No internal ...
28th August 2013

Jay Leno burns rubber in Tesla Model S

Jay Leno has a pretty big soft spot for alternative-fuel vehicles. From his steam-powered relics to his beloved Chevrolet Volt, the comedian's automotive interests are nothing if not varied. In the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen stops by the Big Dog Garage to show off his company's new Model S. Jay gets a closer look at the five-door EV's interesting touchscreen controls, expansive moonroof and yes, even the ...
2nd August 2013

Why bigger battery options give Tesla Model S better performance

When Tesla Motors revealed its pricing and specifications for its 2012 Model S, we couldn't help but notice an interesting peculiarity. The 0-to-60 times and top speeds varied according to pack size and, not only that, the variants with the larger, and presumably heavier, batteries were both quicker and faster. More oddness? The 40-kWh pack won't be able to take advantage of Tesla's yet-to-be-unveiled high-speed Supercharger network. So, what gives? Well, it all seems to boil ...
31st July 2013

Consumer Reports weighs in with its first Tesla Model S review

Everyone has been chiming in with their thoughts on the Tesla Model S lately, and with the car taking home awards like the prestigious Motor Trend Car of the Year, this probably won't change anytime soon. Not wanting to be left in the dark, Consumer Reports has managed to get its hands on a Model S to give its own impressions of the luxurious electric hatchback. Like many other outlets (including our own first drive), CR ...
27th July 2013

First Model S shows up on eBay, BIN price just $145,000

Just because Tesla Motors hasn't made a profit yet doesn't mean early buyers of its cars can't. At least, that seems to be what one future owner of a Tesla Model S Signature Series is saying by putting his ordered-but-not-yet-delivered electric vehicle on eBay. The seller, who is based in Portland, Maine, has put a $145,000 price tag on the car, but he is accepting starting bids as 'low' as $138,500. If the car sells (and ...
17th July 2013

Tesla Model S prowls across the ice and snow

Seeing electric vehicles prance around in the snow is becoming a common occurrence, whether done by journalists, speed demons or EV fans. But we never mind seeing more, especially when it's the Tesla Model S. Tesla engineers took the Model S to the Automotive Enviro Testing center in Baudette, MN this winter when the temperature dropped to between -10 and -15 degrees Fahrenheit. For a few days, they made sure the Model S could weave between ...
14th July 2013

2012 Tesla Model S [w/video]

Proof That An Impressive Sport Sedan Doesn't Need To Burn Dead Dino Juice One-hundred years from now, the Smithsonian museum at our nation's capital will host a display of history's most revolutionary automobiles. The collection will include the 1866 Dudgeon steam wagon (one of the earliest self-propelled vehicles), the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen (recognized as the first combustion-powered automobile) and the 1908 Ford Model T (the first automobile mass produced on an assembly line). Most certainly included, among ...
10th July 2013

Tesla Model S wins Automobile car of the year [w/video]

Automobile Magazine recently spent the better part of three days getting to know 28 of the latest and greatest cars on the market to pick its Automobile of the Year, and today it announced that the 2012 Tesla Model S was given this coveted award. As much as the all-electric Model S means to the automotive world, we'd be surprised if it doesn't snag a lot more hardware in the next few months. The Model S ...
7th July 2013

Motor Trend tests Tesla Model S, finds 0-60 in 3.9 sec and 100.7 MPGe

Tesla has said the highest-end Model S has a range of 300 miles (at 55 miles per hour), but until recently, it's been tremendously difficult for anyone outside the company to verify this number. When the EPA did its testing thing, it came up with a 265-mile range estimate for the version with the 85-kWh battery pack. Tesla is even offering a prize of some sort to anyone who drives a Model S over 400 ...
6th July 2013

And now for a different sort of Tesla Model S review…

Our friends at Kelley Blue Book have taken an unflinching look at the Tesla Model S in a new video. The crew originally planned to pack up and whip the electric sedan all the way to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, but got sidelined by a flat tire. The ensuing detour to a Tesla service center resulted in a day of hopping from charge point to charge point and a number of close calls on ...