George Clooney's Tesla Roadster

Gooding & Company’s Pebble Beach auction set for next month just got a little more interesting, with George Clooney’s very own Tesla Roadster added to the docket. Finished in Obsidian Black Metallic paint, Clooney’s Tesla is number eight of the original “Signature 100″ built in 2008 and comes with the premium two-tone leather interior.

Clooney isn’t selling the electric roadster to get some extra cash, though. The Academy Award-winning actor is well known for his philanthropic exploits, and the full proceeds from the auction will be given to one of his charities, the Satellite Sentinel Project. Co-founded by Clooney and human rights activist John Prendergast, the non-profit organization aims to prevent a return to civil war between Northern and Southern Sudan.

“We admire and respect Mr. Clooney’s talent and dedication to making a difference in our international community, and hope his fantastic car will attract great support for the Satellite Sentinel Project and recognition of the lives his work saves every day,” said company president David Gooding.

The auction house estimates the value of the Tesla Roadster at $100,000 to $125,000. Scroll down to read the official announcement from Gooding & Company.

By Autoblog Staff