10th June 2013

Wheelies: The Flying Car Edition

Wheelies: The Flying Car Edition

Courtesy of Terrafugia The Terrafugia TF-X is still in the early planning phase. In which we bring you motoring news from around the Web: • Have you ever wished you could just fly over traffic like Doc Brown at the end of “Back to the Future?” Massachusetts-based Terrafugia says it will have a flying plug-in hybrid car on the market by 2015 or 2016. The company’s name is Italian for “escape the land,” and its car, the ...
10th June 2013

A closer look at Tesla Model S battery pack replacement costs

To some, a recent offer by Tesla Motors to replace batteries in its Model S all-electric sedan for under $150 per kilowatt hour reflects an extremely futuristic view of improving EV technology. To Plug In Cars, though, the offer is more a reflection of the age-old 'bird in hand' axiom. Recently, Tesla outlined the replacement costs for the Model S batteries along with warranty options. Prices range from $8,000 for a 40-kWh battery to $12,000 for ...
10th June 2013

Tesla Motors CEO on production rate, positive cash flow and DOE loan

A new blog post by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk shows a bit of attitude, reacting to the way the company's stock and reputation took a bit of a hit last week (despite its supercharger announcement) after downsizing its 2012 production and resulting revenue estimates. Tesla also announced a follow on stock offering, which had some pessimists pouring themselves some long tall glasses of haterade. Elon's response? Well, he makes it clear that things are going ...
9th June 2013

Tesla Superchargers on East Coast allow Boston to D.C. Range

The first of many expected Tesla Motors’s supercharging stations to come have officially opened on the East Coast. The highly trafficked I-95 corridor from Boston, Mass., to the nation’s capitol— Washington, D.C., is now equipped with the range-extending stations in Milford, Conn., and Wilmington, Del. The two stations will join the five supercharging stations currently along the West Coast, which have been ...
9th June 2013

Elon Musk might start Tesla, SpaceX holding company; talks electric supercar

Elon Musk is talking about maybe forming a holding that would own stock in both of the companies he's incredibly busy with these days – Tesla Motors Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) – basically to simplify his life. 'No actual plans under way,' he said. ' gets unwieldy to have lots of companies with me as the only connection.' The holding company may own public shares of both California-based companies. Tesla Motors went ...
8th June 2013

Tesla Cancels Lowest-Range Version of Model S

John Moore/Getty Images A Tesla Model S on display after winning the 2013 World Green Car of the Year award at the New York Auto Show. Tesla Motors announced on Sunday that it had canceled plans to produce a 40 kilowatt-hour version of its Model S – the version that was to be the most affordable, starting at $59,900, of the company’s all-electric sedan offerings, with the smallest battery and the least amount of driving range. ...
8th June 2013

Tesla Motors Offers Up Delivered-To-You Loaner Cars, No-Fault Battery Replacement

Tesla Motors really does seem hellbent on getting rid of the stigmas associated with electric cars: limited range, battery deterioration, high costs of ownership, and everything that comes with buying a car from a startup instead of a long-established automaker. Its latest service plan initiative only goes to solidify that. The automaker has said that it will be offering Model S–and Tesla Roadsters in ...
8th June 2013

Tesla Model S goes road tripping, drivers experience variety of charging methods

The Tesla Model S is on another cross country road trip. It's not being driven by a Tesla team, like last year – this time it's a long, winding tour for old friends Peter, Luba and Tina, making their way from Portland, OR, to New York. It's been a sightseeing drive – as of day six, they'd only made it to Albuquerque from Oregon and still had a couple thousand miles to cover. Thankfully, they're ...
8th June 2013

Elon Musk to remain at Tesla for “several more years,” personally inspects Model S

Few automakers' fortunes and CEOs are as intrinsically linked as Tesla Motors and Elon Musk. The boss of the full-electric automaker can influence the stock of his company with something as simple as an outlandish statement – exactly the sort of utterance the mercurial executive is fond of making. In the latest Musk news, it appears he has no plans to change any of that, saying that he will stay with Tesla for 'several more ...