3rd July 2013

Tesla Model S to Cost $49,900 After $7500 Tax Credit; Performance Model Will Be $79,900

Tesla has released full pricing information for the 2012 Model S sedan, and as we’ve previously reported, it will start at $57,400, or $49,900 after a $7500 federal tax credit. (All of the prices Tesla quotes are after the tax credit, but since buyers will be paying—or making payments based on—the full price, those are the figures we'll use here.) There will be a range-topping Performance model, along with three battery choices for the non-Performance ...
1st July 2013

Video: Jay Leno Gets a Shot at the Tesla Model S

Watch on YouTube Typically, when Jay Leno gets his hands on a car, it is all about horsepower and loud exhaust, but he does have his eco-friendly moments. This time around, Jay gets the best of both worlds, sans the loud exhaust, as Tesla stopped by to let him take the Model S on a drive. There is not an abundance of Model ...
25th June 2013

Feature Flick: Tesla Model S Out-Drags BMW M5 – Rumor Central

Are electric cars always slow, planet-saving vehicles? Not necessarily. Contributor Ezra Dyer recently pitted a Tesla Model S electric sedan against one of Germany’s hottest performance four-doors — the 2013 BMW M5 — in an impromptu drag race, and the result was closer than anyone expected. Dyer subjected the two luxury sedans to a 0-to-100-mph drag race at Gingerman Raceway in western Michigan. While we won’t spoil the result, it’s worth looking at how the two ...
24th June 2013

Coda’s LA store is closed, re-opening “soon” as a Tesla shop

Troubled EV car maker Coda has closed its Los Angeles showoom. In a twist that you're welcome to read meaning into, the space in the high-traffic Westfield Century City shopping center will re-open 'soon' as a showroom for ... Tesla Motors. According to the business magazine LA Observed, Los Angeles-based Coda closed the store after laying off much of its staff. The company also is facing court battles from investors including former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson ...
23rd June 2013

Tesla Motors to Provide Batteries for Freightliner Custom Chassis Electric Van

Most people don’t think of a boxy step van when they hear “Tesla Motors,” but the electric automaker is supplying its lithium-ion battery packs to a new electric van built by Freightliner Custom Chassis. Freightliner had previously announced it was partnering with Enova to develop an electric step van, but it hadn’t announced where it would source the vehicle’s batteries. Few details on the battery packs have been revealed, but the company says it will provide ...
21st June 2013

Tesla gains legal ground in New York dealer fight

Tesla Motors gained a legal victory in its continuing efforts to expand sales across the US now that New York Supreme Court Justice Raymond J. Elliott III decided that local dealers will not be allowed to cite the Franchised Dealer Act as a reason to sue competitors, Automotive News reports. Tesla has been embroiled in a legal tussle in the Empire State (and others) since last October, when New York dealers sued Tesla in an effort ...
16th June 2013

California’s Compliance Mandate on Electric Cars Creates Back-Door Credits Market

Earlier this year, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandated that all automakers selling 20,000 cars or more per year in the Golden State will have to have a 15-percent mix of zero-emissions vehicles. They’ll get credits for selling these “compliance” cars—three for a 100-mile car like a Nissan Leaf or Ford Focus EV and as many as seven credits for a ...
14th June 2013

Tesla Model S Arrives June 22, Completes Crash Testing Successfully

It’s another step closer to having Tesla Model S cars in customer hands: the manufacturer announced that the car has finished crash testing with the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration, and that the car is cleared for a June 22 initial delivery date. The crash test announcement comes from the personal Twitter account of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who took a break from observing his SpaceX rocket launch to tweet that the Model S finished NHTSA ...
12th June 2013

Tesla Model S Runs Out of Juice in NY Times Review, Musk Calls Article “Unreasonable”

We’ve extensively tested the Tesla Model S’ range, but after one reporter from The New York Times wrote about his experience with the car running out of power, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken notice. The Model S review suggests that cold weather negatively impacts range, but Musk has expressed doubts about the reporter’s story. “Essentially, we think the article is a bit of a set up and is unreasonable” Musk told CNBC. In the NY Times ...