24th July 2013

Tesla Model X revealed

Here it is, the Tesla Model X, the CUV prototype version of the Model S. We'll have more details live from California soon, but here's what we know at the moment. The Model X can hit 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, will cost around the same as the Model S, and it has those cool 'falcon' gullwing-like doors. With the batteries housed in the same low skateboard as the S, the X has a lot of space. Since ...
21st July 2013

Battery cost dropping below $200 per kWh soon, says Tesla’s Elon Musk

During its recent fourth quarter 2011 financial results Q&A conference call, CEO Elon Musk had, of course, lots to say about Tesla Motors and its various products. One statement though, concerning the falling cost of batteries, spoke to the broader electric vehicle (EV) market and bears repeating. The high price of energy storage is, after all, one of the major barriers to lower EV prices and, consequently, faster consumer adoption. We've heard in the past different ...
21st July 2013

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Slams The Fisker Karma – Rumor Central

You could say Elon Musk is fairly busy these days: bringing the Tesla Model S to production, not to mention sending Space X cargo ships into orbit, requires 100-hour work weeks. But the billionaire CEO carved out a few moments last week to throw a few bombs at nemesis Henrik Fisker and the plug-in electric rival to his Model S, the Fisker Karma. “It’s a mediocre product at a high price,” Musk said in an interview ...
17th July 2013

2012 CES: The Best of the Rest

2012 CES: The Best of the Rest

This year, plenty of automakers pulled their full weight into the Consumer Electronics Show. But there were plenty of little guys out there, too, that made us ask “Why didn’t someone else think of that sooner?” Whether big or small, there were a lot of announcements at the show—some bigger than others, some cooler than others. They were spread over 35 football fields ...
15th July 2013

Telsa to add Convertible, Minivan, SUV EVs?

Electric sports vehicle maker Tesla Motors looks like its planning to expand its lineup. Various sources have uploaded images what appears to be a convertible (“cabriolet” for our cousins across the pond); a minivan; and an SUV. Our take? Telsa Motors has had a tumultuous history to say the least. From delays of the Roadster; partnership then, later, lawsuit with Fisker ...
10th July 2013

​Tesla’s Musk will give keynote at inaugural Teslive conference in July

Were you expecting Bob Lutz? The first-ever Teslive conference for Tesla Motors enthusiasts will be getting a big of company star power when company chief Elon Musk comes to participate as its keynote speaker. The San Jose Mercury News says Musk will headline a two-date event starting July 12 that will take place about 10 miles down the road from Tesla's Fremont, CA, factory at the Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley. The convention, put on by the ...
9th July 2013

DOE still has $16.6 billion left in ATVM loan program

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) is questioning why Department of Energy (DOE) loan funds are not paying out as planned. The participation hurdle is high, and there's about $16.6 billion in green vehicle loan appropriations going unused, the GAO found. The funds come from DOE's 2005 Loan Guarantee Program and its Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) loan program from 2007. These programs were a directive from Congress, but now House and Senate lawmakers on the ...
7th July 2013

Elon Musk says next, cheaper Tesla EV coming in 2016 or ’17

Tesla Motors will offer its next production model (and its fourth ever, including the discontinued Roadster) by 2017 at the latest, part of the California-based automaker work to offer a less-expensive option than the Model S sedan and the upcoming Model X SUV. The dates were given by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a recent interview to Engadget, who said the car would be here, 'Hopefully 2016, but I would say no later than 2017.' The ...