7th August 2013

Feature Flick: Tesla Model S Takes on 2005 Dodge Viper Roadster at the Drag Strip – Rumor Central

The Tesla Model S is quick and capable – that much was established when it was crowned Automobile of the Year – but the car has just proved itself again against another high-performance car on the drag strip. This new video from DragTimes.com shows the electric car going head to head with a last-gen Dodge Viper SRT10 Roadster, with a surprising result. The DragTimes.com video shows a Model S Performance, complete with the 85 kW-hr battery ...
23rd July 2013

Auto Startup Brings Back ‘Detroit Electric’ Name

By Joseph B. White Detroit Electric Detroit Electric’s two-seat sports car recalls the Lotus Elise. Electric cars are a tough sell to most U.S. motorists, but that didn’t stop a group of Detroit-based entrepreneurs from launching a new entry to the market Wednesday, this one with a venerable name. A group led by a former executive of the U.K. sports car maker Lotus Cars is resurrecting the “Detroit Electric” brand, one of the leading names of the Motor City’s ...
21st July 2013

Tesla Model S Earns Top Test Scores

Tesla’s all-electric Model S luxury sports sedan has earned the highest score in Consumer Reports’ ratings, with 99 out of a possible 100. This EV, built in Palo Alto, Calif., performed better or just as well as any vehicle ever tested by Consumer Reports. The last vehicle to achieve such high numbers was the Lexus LS 460L, tested in 2007. The Model S ...
15th July 2013

Tesla Model S Performance Becomes the Quickest Production Electric Car

Watch on YouTube Have you ever noticed that the most impressive tests aren’t being made by the automaker itself? For example, Tesla never published enough information to show us what a truly amazing car the Model S Performance is. The folks over at DragTimes.com, however, put it to an extreme test at the Palm Beach International Raceway.The result was pretty astounding, as it ...
9th July 2013

Repriced: Tesla Model S MSRPs Jump By $2500, Battery Replacement Costs Revealed – Rumor Central

If you’re considering a Tesla Model S, now would be a wise time to place your order. The EV automaker has just announced that all reservations placed after the end of this year are subject to a price increase of $2500. The 40 kW-hr Model S, for example, will jump to $59,900. The 60 and 85 kW-hr models will cost $10,000 and $20,000 more respectively. The range-topping 85 kW-hr Performance model will carry a $94,900 ...
7th July 2013

Electric Teamwork: Seven Carmakers Agree on Single EV Fast Charge Standard

With the rise of electric vehicles comes the risk of confusing methods to charge the batteries. Thankfully, seven automakers have collaborated and reached an agreement to standardize EV fast charging methods in the United States and Europe. The automakers include Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Porsche, and Volkswagen. All seven have agreed on one vehicle inlet/charging connector as well as the method in which the car communicates with the charging station. They also considered the ...
6th July 2013

Tesla Model S Wins Motor Trend ‘Car of the Year’ Prize (Video)

By Jonathan Welsh I’m not big on “car of the year” awards. Never have been. They are mostly useless unless you are a car-company marketer looking for a sound bite for a television ad. That’s where you hear that such-and-such vehicle was voted the world car, green car, family car or pet-friendly car of the year. At least Motor Trend magazine, known as MT, can say it has been giving its Car of the Year award for more than 60 years, making ...
28th June 2013

Wheelies: The Change the Batteries Edition

Tesla Motors The Tesla Model S. In which we bring you motoring news from around the Web: • If Consumer Reports’ recent review of the Tesla Model S is anything to go by, the electric carmaker has produced quite the phenomenal ride. But the big drawback with fully electric cars is, of course, the fact that drivers have to sit around and wait while the car charges. But that may change. Tesla Motors has revived discussion of ...
27th June 2013

Tesla Model S launch: Watch it live now on tape delay

Tesla Model S first delivery. It's going on now, and you can watch it below. Not much more to say for now, but we'll have more later. *UPDATE: The video has been archived and is still available below. By Sebastian Blanco
26th June 2013

Tesla’s in the Black with first Profit

Electric carmaker Tesla announced today that it has, for the first time ever, posted a profit. The start-up automaker has been working towards profitability since the $101,500 Roadster went on sale last year and finally reached the milestone in the month of July 2009. Full ArticleBy Automotive Staff