5th September 2013

Video Find: Watch a Tesla Model S Get Torn Apart by the Jaws of Life

Hybrid and electric vehicles pose a special problem for first responders. Unlike traditional gas or diesel-powered vehicles, hybrids and EVs use high voltage battery packs that can potentially electrocute firefighters when responding to an accident, if the first responders are unaware of the location of the cables that carry electricity through the car. Realizing the potential hazards, Tesla has released a video with a Model S being torn apart by the Jaws of Life to ...
4th September 2013

Tesla pickup truck could be a sweet ride for electric cowboys

Talk about burying the lede. Autocar published a short piece the other day about Tesla Motors releasing its third-generation vehicles – mass-market models that we believe will come in both sedan and crossover flavors with starting prices in the $30,000 neighborhood – in 2015. Cool, but we knew that. Speaking with Tesla's chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, the publication was also told that future models would feature more distinctive styling compared to the Model S. Those familiar ...
28th August 2013

‘Skyfall’ Gives Aston Martin a Boost, But is it Enough?

By Joseph B. White Getty Images Aston Martin DBS used in the James Bond film “Casino Royale.” British supercar maker Aston Martin is getting another shot of positive buzz from the latest James Bond thriller, but in real life the company’s in a very tight spot indeed. Moody’s Investors Service today said it has put the ratings for Aston Martin Holdings Ltd. on review in light of a “significant deterioration” in the company’s liquidity and the uncertainty over when, ...
26th August 2013

Tesla Kicks Off “Supercharger” Network of Free Solar-Powered Recharging Stations

Range limitations will no longer be such a roadblock for electric cars, an uncharacteristically demure Elon Musk predicted tonight. At an event in Tesla's California design studio, the CEO announced that the company was developing a network of solar-powered, high-speed charging terminals to be installed at roadside restaurants, rest stops, and shopping centers. The Supercharger—a tall, Trek-y obelisk—will pump 90 kW of energy into a Model S in just 30 minutes, according to Musk. A ...
26th August 2013

Even after crash, Tesla Roadster makes it around the world in 80 days!

From 'noooooooooo!!!!!!' to 'yes!' That's the recent history of Rafael de Mestre and his attempt to be the first person to take a standard, production electric vehicle around the world. After playing catch-up with the Electric Odyssey duo and their Citroen C-Zero EV, de Mestre suffered a crash in Germany just 600 miles from the finish line. Undeterred, de Mestre had his Tesla Roadster repaired straightaways and successfully completed the drive last weekend. @TeslaMotors Tweeted congratulations for ...
21st August 2013

Wide Open Throttle Drives Tesla Model S, Explores Tesla Factory

The 2012 Tesla Model S is a make-or-break car for electric car manufacturer Tesla. On this week’s Wide Open Throttle, host Jessi Lang takes us on a tour of Tesla’s Silicon Valley factory, while Frank Markus brings us along for his interview with Elon Musk and drive of the 2012 Tesla Model S. Lang starts with 2012 Tesla Model S specs. The Model S will be available with 40-, 60- and 85-kWh battery capacities, with an ...
19th August 2013

Top 10 Road Trip Cars with 400 Horsepower or More and Room for Four

With the holidays fast approaching and enthusiasts planning road trips to visit family and friends, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 coolest road trip cars with 400 hp or more that can accommodate at least four full-size adults. From four-wheel-drive SUVs for those who may traverse deep snow to rear-drive sedans and a wagon for those whose travels will feature sunshine and dry roads, we’ve got the field covered for drivers who ...
19th August 2013

Motor Trend Giveaway: “Own” a Tesla Model S in Car Town!

The Motor Trend 2013 Car of the Year-winning Tesla Model S may be priced out of reach for most consumers, but that’s not the case anymore. Motor Trend is partnering with the popular social game Car Town, allowing players to own the Tesla Model S by visiting our Facebook fan page and following the instructions. “Any true automobile aficionado will want this kind of horsepower in their stable,” said Dennis Suggs, president and CEO, Cie Games, ...
17th August 2013

Tesla stock breaks $83; CEO Elon Musk steps way from Facebook founder’s immigration group

As A. Whitney Brown once said, 'There's really no use in beating a dead horse. I mean, except for the pure joy of it.' Well, if Tesla's recent string of successes is said horse, then we hope you enjoy the rest of this post. Let's start with politics, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk's step back from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's new immigration reform political action group, Fwd.us. Musk is one of the big names that is ...
11th August 2013

Tesla Improves Resale Value Guarantee, Adds Longer Term Loans

In response to criticism surrounding Tesla’s announcement on its new financing option, CEO Elon Musk has revised the terms by offering a new resale guarantee and longer-term loans, both of which should make owning a Model S a little easier. “When we first did the financing option, we didn’t get it quite right,” said Musk during a live webcast on the subject. We found Tesla’s claimed savings were too exaggerated when we broke down the numbers ...
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