2nd September 2013

Ready Already: Toyota Rav4 EV by Tesla to Debut in Los Angeles

In one of the quickest turnarounds we’ve seen in years, the Toyota RAV4 EV that Tesla only agreed to build for the Japanese giant four months ago will make its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week. To be fair, by the time the companies announced the project, they already had a prototype built. Still, considering how fast they got a show car together, it’s likely that the drivetrain and battery system are very ...
31st August 2013

MT Then and Now: Tesla Roadster, Model S, Model X Prototype

When Tesla Motors was founded in the early 2000s, many would never have guessed the company would last long enough to produce a car like the Model S. The first car to arrive was the Tesla Roadster, followed by the just-released Model S and, before long, the Model X. As we share the results of our exclusive range test of the Model S, WOT is taking a look back at the Tesla models we’ve driven ...
29th August 2013

California’s “Compliance” Electric Cars Unseen in Most of U.S. but Impact Felt Everywhere

If you live outside California, some of the state’s laws may seem dumbfounding. Take the “compliance car” laws recently enacted. According to the law, by 2025, all automakers selling at least 20,000 cars per year in the Golden State will have to have 15 percent of their fleet made up by zero-emissions vehicles. Fifteen percent is a lot, so much that automakers are ...
25th August 2013

Looking Forward: Tesla’s Future May Include Electric Trucks, Driverless Cars

The Tesla Model S is brilliant. While we’re smitten with the quick electric car – the Motor Trend 2013 Car of the Year – Tesla CEO Elon Musk tells us there’s much more to come, including the Model X, an electric truck, and possibly self-driving cars. Musk also reaffirmed that the more affordable and higher-volume Tesla car is on the way. In an interview with Motor Trend, Musk has revealed a bit more about the company’s ...
24th August 2013

Mindset declares bankruptcy, not happy about it

For the past few years, Switzerland-based Mindset Holding AG had been planning a sports-car EV that would rival Tesla. You can stop waiting now, since Mindset is declaring bankruptcy after its funding possibilities dried up. At one time, Mindset was talking about a launch date for the E-Motion in early 2012 – which passed without incident – but as recently as this past February, Mindset was still talking about making a battery pack that delivered about ...
18th August 2013

How Does Tesla Build the Model S? Wonder No More.

The 2012 Tesla Model S is still something of a mystery to most people. It’s an all-new car built in the place where Toyota used to make Corollas. It was designed by a company whose founder made most of his fortune on selling Paypal to eBay. How in the heck could any of it come together cohesively to form an even remotely ...
30th July 2013

Thread of the Day: What New Car, Truck, or SUV Are You Thankful For?

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means it’s time for turkey, family, road trips, football — and yes, even being thankful. In the automotive sphere that means being thankful for the latest and greatest new cars, trucks, and SUVs currently in production or entering production soon. We’re thankful for quite a few new vehicles here at Motor Trend – like the uber-luxurious and uber-capable 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, the lightning-quick and all-electric 2013 Tesla Model S, and the pint-sized, ...
21st July 2013

Tesla Says Model S Platform Will Spawn Minivan, Crossover and Fleet Van Models

Tesla Says Model S Platform Will Spawn Minivan, Crossover and Fleet Van Models Currently shipping the Tesla Roadster drivers in the United States and Europe, Tesla Motors is helping to set the standard for high-performance production electric vehicles. Running entirely on lithium-ion battery cells, the vehicle muster 200 miles per charge and a 0-to-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds. Tesla Motors has already announced that its next production vehicle will be the Tesla Model S. With a ...
17th July 2013

Future Tesla Models, Company Details, Revealed in IPO Road Show Presentation

During a presentation for his company’s upcoming Initial Public Offering, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk revealed that Tesla is working on three new models based on the Model S architecture, including a convertible, a van, and a crossover. The new models will use the Model S’ underlying platform and powertrain with new bodies on top. Sketches revealed in the Road Show presentation to potential Wall Street investors included a two-door Cabriolet that bears a strong resemblance ...
4th July 2013

The New Racing Green? Tesla Heads to Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally

Tesla is hoping to outdo its record-setting EV 240-mile range once again at this year’s Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally. The three-day event challenges the range and performance of the world’s top electric vehicles. At the end of last year’s rally, the competing Tesla Roadster still had 38 miles left on its range indicator. For 2010, the California-based brand will bring two cars, each piloted by accomplished racers and gearheads Rudi Tuisk (shown) and Erik ...