4th September 2013

New Tesla Model S battery pack warranty sets new benchmark for EVs

Tesla Motors has raised the bar for electric vehicles by now offering an eight-year unlimited mileage warranty for the battery pack in the Model S sedan. The warranty includes eight years unlimited mileage for the Model S’s 85 kwh battery pack and eight years or 125,000 miles for the 60kwh pack (whichever comes first), as reported by the Detroit Free Press.  “We don’t think anybody could put enough miles on to kill the (85 kwh) pack. That ...
28th August 2013

Why Tesla will need more loans to make it through 2013

It's fun to bet against Elon Musk and Tesla – that's the best reason we can find for so many people doing it even though the man, his company and his cars are still here and still very popular. The latest name inscribed in the column labeled 'Skeptical of Tesla' is John Shinal at Market Watch who, in year-end commentary on Tesla's financials, says that the 'carmaker's financials are reminiscent of a dot-com's.' He does ...
27th August 2013

Tesla Motors Supercharger stations open on the East Coast

Tesla Motors is making good on its promise to cover the United States with “Supercharger” fast-charging stations to support its luxury electric vehicles. The California-based company is expanding the Superchargers’ reach with two new stations on the East Coast. The first East Coast Supercharger stations are located in Milford, Connecticut and Newark, Delaware, facilitating EV travel along the busy Boston-Washington, D.C. corridor. Both Superchargers are located at rest stops on heavily traveled Interstate 95. The Supercharger adds ...
14th August 2013

Tesla bricking update: can other electric vehicles suffer the same fate? Unlikely

Remember all the way back to Monday, when 'bricking' your pricey electronic gadget simply meant you needed to get a new iPhone to try and jailbreak? The electric vehicle world is still dissecting the charges that surfaced yesterday that a Tesla Roadster could be bricked – i.e., made inoperable – if the battery gets worn down to zero, as there are new questions cropping up about the motive behind the original article by Michael Degusta. ...
13th August 2013

The Continental: Mercedes’ Longtime Motorsports Manager Departs, News on AMG, Aston, Tesla, and Škoda

A New Škoda Octavia Musk and his chief designer Franz von Holzhausen could learn a few lessons from the Volkswagen Group, which is about to launch another very cleanly designed hatchback under the Škoda brand. The third-generation Octavia, styled under Jozef Kaban, has grown slightly; its original position in the marketplace now is occupied by the slightly smaller, low-cost Rapid. A powerful Octavia RS version will be launched at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this summer. Meanwhile, ...
11th August 2013

Tesla posts $89.9M Q1 loss, Model S coming sooner than expected

It seems like we've been hearing about the Tesla Model S for a decade, but a report in Yahoo states that the electric sedan is only a month away from production. That's about one month ahead of schedule, as Tesla is reportedly wrapping up crash testing fast enough to start making the hotly anticipated EV. The Model S couldn't come at a much better time for Tesla, as the automaker just announced a first quarter loss ...
6th August 2013

Lawsuits filed against Tesla stores in NY, MA

Questions about the legality of Tesla selling its electric vehicles in its own retail stores have been floating around since the days of the Roadster. Last week, the recent wranglings between auto dealer associations and Tesla stores in New York and Massachusetts were moved along in courts of law, proving once again that EVs won't arrive without hassle. Specifically, Automotive News reports, the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association (MSADA) has filed a complaint in the Norfolk ...
30th July 2013

Detroit 2013: Tesla’s Family Will Grow – Rumor Central

Tesla’s little stand at Cobo Hall, squeezed into a corner near Bentley and Volvo, was mobbed during the company’s press conference, which seemed to serve multiple purposes: to show the Model X crossover concept for the first time at an auto show; to allow the company to gloat over the resounding critical success of its Model S, including the fact that it is the 2013 Automobile Magazine Automobile of the Year; and for company executives ...
19th July 2013

Cocktail Chatter: May 10, 2013 – Rumor Central

What cocktails go best with all this car chatter? Automobilemag.com is here to help with weekly recipes. Remember, this is for talking about cars, not driving — always designate a driver. We’re ready to hit the beach this weekend and take a pitcher of pineapple margaritas with us. Mix together two cups of silver tequila, Tuaca vanilla citrus liqueur, and fresh lime juice with two and a half cups of pineapple juice in a pitcher ...
7th July 2013

Tesla Model S to get swappable battery pack?

Other than range concerns, one of the things that makes consumers most anxious about electric cars is the durability and replacement cost of their spendy battery packs. Rumor has it that Tesla Motors is working on a solution to that problem: modular battery packs that can be quickly and easily swapped out of a car. Tesla said it was working on this idea in a May 10 filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. On page 38, ...