5th September 2013

Wheelies: The F1 Golf Cart Edition

Wheelies: The F1 Golf Cart Edition

Renault The Twizy Renault Sport F1 mixes diminutive electric car with a Formula 1-style KERS boost. In which we bring you motoring news from around the Web: • What do you get when you cross a diminutive electric city car and a Formula 1 racer? The Twizy Renault Sport F1, apparently. It’s an exercise in boldness, superimposing Formula 2 wheels, a Formula-style steering wheel and a racy front splitter onto a platform that looks more likely ...
24th August 2013

Wheelies: The Corner-Office Edition

In which we bring you motoring news from around the Web: Audi of AmericaScott Keogh. • On Wednesday, Audi of America announced that Scott Keogh, formerly chief marketing officer, would serve as the division’s president. The appointment followed the resignation of Johan de Nysschen, who left to lead Infiniti from the Nissan subsidiary’s new headquarters in Hong Kong. Audi credited Mr. Keogh with helping to orchestrate the return of RS and Allroad models to the American market, ...
14th August 2013

Green Technology of the Year finalists announced, broad range included

Green Car Journal, which gives out its Green Car of the Year Award at the Los Angeles Auto Show each November, has created a Green Car Technology Award. The first award of its kind will be will be presented at the Washington Auto Show January 31, 2012. The award was created not for specific vehicle models but for components that help reduce fuel use and greenhouse-gas emissions. Motors, on-board communications systems and powertrain components are among ...
14th August 2013

Why Is Tesla Motors Cranking Out Just a Handful of Model S Sedans Per Week?

This year, the Tesla Model S electric sedan is expected to reach 5,000 homes. Tesla is expecting to make 20,000 Model S sedans in 2013. But late last week, we had an opportunity to speak with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who said the company was producing just one or two cars a day—and with very good reason. Musk said Tesla’s crew is taking its ...
7th August 2013

Report: Dealer Associations Challenge Legality of Factory-Owned Tesla Stores

State laws may put a kink in Tesla Motors’ retail plans, as the EV automaker’s factory stores are being questioned by dealer associations and state regulators, reports Automotive News. Tesla hoped to recreate the Apple buying experience with its factory stores, but dealer associations in a number of states claim those stores create unfair competition for conventional dealerships. The main complaint is that Tesla’s stores are in violation of state franchise laws, which bar factory ownership ...
3rd August 2013

Electric Cars Try to Shed ‘Niche’ Label

By Joseph B. White Getty Images Honda Fit EV It has been a rough week for electric cars. Tesla Motors disclosed that it needs to raise more capital because the launch of its new Model S luxury sedan is going slower than expected. A top Toyota Motor Corp. executive said vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells are more likely to be viable by 2020 than battery electric cars. And the Congressional Budget Office said federal tax credits that subsidize plug-in ...
3rd August 2013

A Detour on the Road to an Electric Future

John M. Broder/The New York Times The Tesla Model S at Norwich Public Utilities in Connecticut. When I embarked on a test of Tesla’s new East Coast electric vehicle charging network, I did not expect to become a rate-paying customer of Norwich Public Utilities, a small municipal electric provider in Norwich, Conn. But my Tesla Model S was running dangerously low on juice and I needed a quick fill-up to make it to the Tesla ...
2nd August 2013

Build It or Bag It?: The Results Are In

By Joseph B. White Getty Images Hyundai HCD-14 The early results are in for the 2013 Eyes on the Road Build It or Bag It poll, and the big winners are a concept for a Hyundai luxury car, a sporty new look for the Toyota Corolla and Tesla’s “falcon wing” sport utility vehicle. The “Build It or Bag It” poll invites WSJ.com readers to cast an online vote to build one of the concept cars displayed at the North ...
30th July 2013

Elon Musk to remain at Tesla for “several more years,” personally inspects Model S

Few automakers' fortunes and CEOs are as intrinsically linked as Tesla Motors and Elon Musk. The boss of the full-electric automaker can influence the stock of his company with something as simple as an outlandish statement – exactly the sort of utterance the mercurial executive is fond of making. In the latest Musk news, it appears he has no plans to change any of that, saying that he will stay with Tesla for 'several more ...
23rd July 2013

Feature Flick: Tesla Model S Gets Ripped Up by the Jaws of Life – Rumor Central

Electric cars like the Tesla Model S offer up a unique challenge to firefighters. Rather than engines, fuel tanks, and fuel lines, electric cars have motors, batteries, and high-voltage cables that can potentially electrocute someone trying to save an occupant after an accident. Because of the challenge, Tesla has just put out a video showing just how firefighters should dismantle a Model S in the event of an accident. If you want to skip the video’s ...