6th September 2013

For $25,000: New or Used? Latest Wide Open Throttle Discusses

Greg Emmerson of European Car joins the roundtable discussion on this episode of Wide Open Throttle to discuss his recent Head 2 Head comparison of the BMW E30 M3, Scion FR-S, and Volkswagen GTI. Jessi Lang, Jonny Lieberman, Angus MacKenzie, and Ron Kiino also discuss the crowded entry-luxury segment as well as the future of new and existing electric vehicle manufacturers. Despite the classic BMW’s high cost of entry when it was new and similar performance ...
3rd September 2013

Toyota sending RAV4 EV on Charge-to-Charge Tour of California

Anyone who's California Dreamin' about test-driving the battery-electric version of the Toyota RAV4 can now get their chance. The Japanese automaker is taking the EV on a tour of the Golden State with its Charge-to-Charge Tour, complete with a web series hosted by Treehugger founder Graham Hill. The tour started this past weekend in Richmond, just across the bay from San Francisco, and will work its way south through the end of the month. The RAV4 will ...
3rd September 2013

Leaving Baggage On the Dock, a Flagship Departs From California

Paul Sakuma/Associated PressA Model S leaving the Tesla Motors factory floor on Friday. FREMONT, Calif. — On a Friday filled with press conferences, roundtable discussions, production-line walk-throughs and chaperoned test drives, it was only at a concluding pep rally, held on the Tesla Motors factory floor here, that the mood became palpable. As executives for the electric-vehicle start-up handed keys to the first Model S sedans to retail customers, the sense of a victory, to some ...
29th August 2013

Tesla charging situation woul benefit from more flexibility, less confrontation

Tesla Motors would be better served making its Model S electric vehicles compatible with CHAdeMO and SAE combo connector fast-charging stations than by spending time taking on those pesky New York Times journalists who question the car's advertised single-charge range, writes Plug In Cars' John Gartner. With 'Please Compromise' as one of his article's subheadings, Gartner says the Times reporter in question would've had access to an additional two CHAdeMO fast chargers on his East Coast ...
25th August 2013

Tesla Motors Aims to Dramatically Increase Number of Supercharger Stations

It’s impossible to stop hearing about Tesla Motors, the seemingly invincible start-up electric automaker that has had a new announcement or two every week for the last few months. If you’re excited about your Tesla stock hitting $110 per share, just wait until you hear about the latest news: Tesla is planning on having Supercharger stations span across the nation within the ...
25th August 2013

Analyst says Tesla is low on cash, dangerously so

Unless Tesla Motors can secure outside funding, the company will be in dire financial straits during 2013, says MarketWatch tech investor John Shinal. In fact, if Tesla hadn't received hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government in 2012, its financials would already be gasping for air, he said. Tesla is a candidate for stock market collapse this year, unless it can secure additional cash, Shinal said. Despite its sketchy numbers, Tesla has managed to ...
22nd August 2013

Report: Tesla CEO Elon Musk Pontificates On Future EV Products – Rumor Central

It’s been about two weeks since Tesla’s Model S won Automobile Magazine’s Automobile of the Year, and the EV sedan added another trophy–Motor Trend’s Car of the Year title –to its case, which also includes Yahoo Autos’ Car of the Year. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is happy to see the awards rack up and hear the accolades, but is reportedly celebrating with the promise of more Tesla models. That isn’t to say that Musk isn’t ...
14th August 2013

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on high cost of building Model S: “I wanted to punch myself in the face”

Tesla Motors has been spending way too much money building each Model S. That reality, and how the company is remedying the situation, was one of the main talking points during a conference call that followed the release of the automaker's fourth-quarter letter to investors and financial results. The discussion offered a great look inside a company that is moving from its start-up stage to becoming a full-blown, car-building, money-making operation. Tesla could bump up production ...
9th August 2013

Tesla Model X crossover teased, full reveal to be live on Internet

Perhaps the biggest reveal of 2012 for fans of luxury performance all-electric vehicles (or, perhaps, anyone automotively inclined with a pulse) is set for the 9th of February when Tesla Motors pulls the shroud from its Model X crossover at its new Los Angeles design studio. And now, we have been given a strong hint of what to expect. The upstart California startup has just sent out a new version of its invitation to customers, and ...
2nd August 2013

Tesla Model S battery swap announcement coming soon?

Sure, your first response to the idea of Tesla introducing a battery swap system might be, 'what, this again?' After all, we heard in 2009 that the Model S was built with battery swaps in mind and, in 2011, Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained the Model S battery swap idea this way: 'When people take an occasional two-way long distance trip, they'll get a replacement pack and then pick up their original one on the ...