12th July 2013

Tesla Talks to Google about Autopilot System

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, said the company is considering driverless technology and discussing prospects for the systems with Google. Musk believes that these technologies that can take over for drivers is the next step in the evolution of cars. However, he believes these applications to be more like an airplane’s autopilot system than an actual driverless system. Tesla Motors is considering using this ...
11th July 2013

Do Electric Cars Get Better Traction in China than in U.S.?

By Michael Dunne Getty Images Denza electric car. What is China seeing in electric vehicles that the rest of the world is missing? Chinese car companies are behaving like they really know something. If history is any guide, the answer could reside with Xi Jinping and a future master plan for cars and energy in China. This week, Geely Automobile, Dongfeng Motors and other Chinese automotive firms are bidding to take over Fisker, maker of the Karma premium electric sedan. ...
7th July 2013

Tesla Motors-New York Times dispute continues as reporter speaks out

After the New York Times published a critical review of the Model S, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk accused the newspaper of faking the circumstances of the story. Data logged during the drive seemed to give this accusation merit, and Musk went on to accuse Times reporter John Broder of sabotaging the test. Now, Broder is answering the questions brought up by Tesla’s data in a blog post. The issue at stake is whether the Model ...
2nd July 2013

Tesla Gets $10 Million Grant to Help Build the Model X

Few auto manufacturers would actually find themselves lobbying California lawmakers to pass more stringent zero-emission regulations. Then again, Tesla is not your “typical” automaker, as zero-emission cars is all they do, and that lobbying has put Tesla firmly in the minds of the state’s lawmakers. With California having a vested interest in the success of the EV world, thanks to its growing number of cars on the road, it needs Tesla to start hammering out ...
1st July 2013

More Roadsters Coming: Tesla, Lotus Extend Production Contract

Tesla Motors and Group Lotus have recently announced an extension of their partnership designed to help the EV automaker avoid a potential shortage of its only model, the Roadster. Tesla was facing at least a one-year hiatus in Roadster production,mostly because oftooling changes at one of its suppliers. In order to help bridge the gap, Tesla approached Lotus about extending the initial production run. As a result, the Lotus factory in Hethel, England, will continue to ...
28th June 2013

Tesla, Athlon reach agreement to lease Model S EVs in Europe

Tesla Motors and Athlon Car Lease have reached an agreement for the world's first leasing program involving Tesla's Model S battery-electric luxury sedans. Athlon, a division of the Netherlands-based Rabobank, has reserved 150 Model S EVs and plans to lease them to corporations in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Athlon had a similar agreement for the Tesla Roadster convertible EVs last summer. The Model S, which is set to debut in July, will offer ...
23rd June 2013

Tesla Model S requires $600 annual service plan to keep warranty active

It appears that Tesla's new $600-per-year service program for its Model S is not going over well with some of the owners and wait-listers. David Noland, a Model S reservation holder and freelance writer, has dug into it the details and clarified the one he's finding most annoying. And as it turns out, he's not the only one taking issue with the program. According to Green Car Reports, Noland owns a 2011 Chevrolet Volt and likes ...
21st June 2013

Ignition Episode 38: The 2013 Tesla Model S Shows Us the Future of the Car

It’s the fastest sedan available in America, and it’s built here, too. Oh yeah, and it’s electric. The California-built Tesla Model S is a conundrum of a car: supercar performance with four doors and seating for up to seven; Electrically powered with a 0-60 mph time of 4.0 seconds; fitted with technology you hear about on concept cars, but this is a ...
15th June 2013

Tesla loses court battle with former exec, faces further class action

The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow and fine, but, if you're demonstrably in the right, and have (a lot) of patience and a capable lawyer, good things can happen. An example of this might be a particular David versus Goliath Tesla case that has just been resolved. David Vespremi, former director of communications for the California automaker (and new Epic Torq owner) was part of a mass firing, which ousted Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard called, ...