31st August 2013

Coda Automotive, the 'anti-Tesla,' files for bankruptcy, returns focus to battery biz

Tesla Motors has stolen the electric car spotlight with its flashy, luxurious Model S, but there is another upstart EV builder that most people forget about (and it’s not Fisker). Maybe that’s why Coda Automotive is filing for bankruptcy. The company will leave the car business and instead concentrate on Coda Energy, a stationary battery division it started in 2011. Coda Automotive had a short and frustrated existence. It finally put its electric sedan on sale last ...
24th August 2013

2013 Tesla Model S Rated For 95 MPGe, 208-Mile Range With 60-kWh Battery Pack – Rumor Central

The 2013 Tesla Model S electric luxury sedan is offered with several different battery packs, and now the Environmental Protection Agency has rated the energy efficiency of the Tesla’s middle option, a 60-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The EPA says that Model S sedans equipped with the 60-kWh battery average 94/97 mpge (city/highway) for a combined rating of 95 mpge, and can travel 208 miles on a single battery charge. The estimates show that the 2013 Tesla ...
23rd August 2013

Tesla Model S Top Speed, Child Capacity Tested – Rumor Central

We’ve tested our 2013 Automobile of the Year, the Tesla Model S, extensively. But some people are curious to see what else the electric sedan is capable of, as these two amateur test videos show. In one clip, a driver tries to find the Model S’ top speed, while the other seeks to find out if you can squeeze a kindergarten class into the EV. As we’ve seen in other videos, the Tesla Model S can ...
20th August 2013

Envia Claims ‘Breakthrough’ in Lithium-Ion Battery Cost and Energy Density

Envia Systems, a battery maker based in California, announced on Monday what it called a “major breakthrough” in lithium-ion cell technology that would result in a significant increase in the energy density — and a sharp reduction in the cost — of lithium-ion battery packs. Envia is financed by the Energy Department and G.M. Ventures, the venture-capital arm of General Motors, as well as other investors. Envia SystemsMr. Kapadia. “We will be able to make smaller automotive ...
17th August 2013

Tesla in final stages of Model S prep; readying Supercharger network for road trips

Tesla Motors has nothing but undeniable design hits in its two-vehicle portfolio. We know this is true because there has been very little written about how bad the Roadster and the Model S look. We're about to see if the company can make it three in a row when the wraps come off the Model X at a special event February 9 in Los Angeles. Getting our first visuals of that crossover will certainly be ...
16th August 2013

Update: Tesla Says No Pending Completed Loan Applications with DOE

Following the bankruptcy of solar-panel maker Solyndra, the House Republicans are eager to cut green-jobs programs. – The ill-fated solar panel manufacturer was the first company to receive money from the Obama administration’s green-tech stimulus loan. One of the other programs under scrutiny is the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Program (ATVM). The same program loaned Tesla Motors $465 million back in June 2009. Tesla used the ATVM loan to open an ...
13th August 2013

Tesla Model S will get update for ‘creep’ mode, Service Center costs detailed

With a vehicle as potentially paradigm-shifting as the Model S, you've got to have the service to match. That's why Tesla Motors is rolling out what it calls a 'transformed service experience.' 'Moving beyond automobile service of the past 100 years means bringing service to you in a new way,' wrote Joost de Vries, vice president of global service, on the company's official blog. Tesla will be nearly tripling the number of Tesla Service Centers so ...
13th August 2013

George Clooney auctioning off his Tesla Roadster for charity

Gooding & Company's Pebble Beach auction set for next month just got a little more interesting, with George Clooney's very own Tesla Roadster added to the docket. Finished in Obsidian Black Metallic paint, Clooney's Tesla is number eight of the original 'Signature 100' built in 2008 and comes with the premium two-tone leather interior. Clooney isn't selling the electric roadster to get some extra cash, though. The Academy Award-winning actor is well known for his philanthropic ...