1st September 2013

Extra $19,500 for Tesla Roadster Sport

Extra $19,500 for Tesla Roadster Sport

Way back in January of this year, Tesla announced a special Sport version of its core Roadster model. Seven months later, we finally have some new pictures of the car to show you, along with more details about what that extra $19,500 on the price tag gets you. Full ArticleBy Automotive Staff
11th August 2013

Consumer Reports Loves Tesla, But Doesn’t ‘Recommend’ It

By Jonathan Welsh Tesla Motors Tesla Model S The Tesla Model S has the distinction of the highest score on a Consumer Reports road test of 99 points out of 100 (tied with the 2007 Lexus LS 460 L). But the battery-powered sport sedan may still lack what many car shoppers consider a must: the ‘CR Recommended” tag that lets readers know it thinks the car is worth buying. “We aren’t telling people they should go out and buy it,” ...
2nd August 2013

Tesla Model X videos show “falcon-wing” doors in action, what it’s like to ride inside

If a picture is worth a thousand words, has the Internet come up with a formula for how much a video is worth? Whatever today's exchange rate is, we knew you'd like to see the brand-new Tesla Model X in action, so we rounded up some videos of the car from the unveiling last week so you can see the 'falcon-wing' doors in action and get a better impression of what the larger version of ...
1st August 2013

Tesla Model S will have available CHAdeMO adaptor in Japan

Tesla Motors has confirmed that the all-electric Model S luxury sedan will have a CHAdeMO quick-charging adaptor when the model goes on sale in Japan. The news was first reported in Japan, where CHAdeMo is the winning fast-charging option. The adaptor will make it possible for Tesla owners to recharge at almost 1,900 quick-charging stations across the country, Green Car Reports notes, where CHAdeMO is the DC-fast charge standard for models like the Japanese-made Nissan ...
1st August 2013

Secret Tesla screen hack: are more safety features embedded in your Model S?

Blind Spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane Departure Warning Systems are not currently offered on the Tesla Model S. Or are they? Well, no, not yet at least. The cars seem to have been built with those additional safety tech features in mind, however, as a secret Model S data screen reveals. If you want to find this secret screen, simply press your finger on the Tesla logo on the middle top of the onboard 17-inch ...
31st July 2013

Fisker widens European distribution, launches U.S. ad campaign

This Tesla-Fisker tit-for-tat thing could get fun. Last week, Fisker launched its first national advertising campaign for its extended-range plug-in luxury sedans in the form of a multi-page ad in the Wall Street Journal on the same day Tesla unveiled its all-electric Model S, Hybrid Cars reports. Fisker, which has generated more than $100 million in revenue through sales of its Karma sedan, included a statement in the ad from company founder Henrik Fisker that noted that ...
25th July 2013

Report: Tesla Planning 3 Series Rival, Possible Pickup Truck? – Rumor Central

With the difficulty of developing a modular electric car platform behind it, Tesla seems like it’s on a roll with Model S variants. Next up could be a competitor to the BMW 3 Series, followed by an all-electric pickup truck. So far, Tesla has only produced the Lotus-Elise-based Roadster and Model S large hatchback, but with the latter car’s bespoke platform done, the sky’s the limit. The Model X all-electric sport utility vehicle is already planned ...
24th July 2013

Tesla 2nd quarter financial reporting reveals rosy outlook in face of market pessimism

Tesla Motors is a publicly traded company, and as such, is required to report its financials and give a summary of its business situation four times a year. Yesterday was one of those times and, accordingly, it sent out its latest shareholder letter and conducted a conference call, with CEO Elon Musk, CFO Deepak Ahuja, and George Blankenship (vice president, sales and ownership experience) fielding questions from financial analysts for over an hour. We listened ...
24th July 2013

Tesla bricked battery story may have a short circuit

Yesterday's outrageous attack on electric vehicles didn't come from the GOP (for a change), but from a seemingly disinterested blogger, one Michael Degusta. His charges against Tesla include suggesting that its cars will have 'eventual, inevitable, catastrophic battery failure,' lambasting the company for poor warranty service, accusing Tesla of tracking its owners without consent, and intimating that the company is not only failing to provide owners with proper notice of this phenomenon but also covering ...