31st August 2013

Panasonic Gives Tesla A $30-Million Jolt Of Cash For Powertrain Development

Electrons are small. You may think that dead pixel on your computer screen is small, but it’s a city block compared to an electron. This may be why many people don’t understand how hard it is to store enough of them to power a car. Two companies with an intimate knowledge of the problem are electric car pioneer Tesla, and electronics giant Panasonic. This week, the Japanese tech company announced it was investing $30 Million into ...
31st August 2013

We Hear: Tesla Sets Up Roadster-to-Model S Trade-In Program

Tesla is ready to help out those owners who feel that their Roadsters aren’t new and shiny enough. According to a new report, the electric car maker will be giving owners a credit when they trade in a Roadster for a new Model S. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Tesla has created a buyback program for current Roadster owners who are looking to move into a new Model S. Tesla’s program works just as any other trade-in ...
29th August 2013

Tesla recalls Roadsters due to Possible Cable Fire

Tesla announced it’s recalling approximately 439 2.0 and 2.5 Roadsters due to a problem one customer had with an auxiliary power cable. The cable is located just aft of the right headlight and under the right circumstances, can chafe on one of the carbon fiber panels and cause a short. This will cause smoke to issue from the general area and could ...
19th August 2013

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV [w/video]

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV [w/video]

Tesla-Hearted Toyota Offers Real Sport And Utility The 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV is the most advanced Alpha prototype electric vehicle we've ever driven. Or maybe it's a poster child for the 21st Century automotive industry where all sorts of new things are being tried, like when old-school automakers and ambitious start-ups find common purpose in rushing an all-electric crossover to market in two years. Or maybe it's the end result of a decade-long process of getting ...
16th August 2013

Tesla to take on Ferrari and Lamborghini with new electric supercar

In a recent interview, Elon Musk, Co-Founder of Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA), announced that the company has plans to build an electric supercar that will target models from Ferrari and Lamborghini. The new model ...
14th August 2013

Tesla involved in federal probe? News to us, says Tesla

A recent report indicates that there's a dark and shadowy secret just waiting to wreck havoc on Tesla Motors: a federal probe into whether, as the conservative Washington Times puts it, 'the automaker was using foreign instead of American parts in manufacturing their electric vehicles.' Tesla has openly said it uses Panasonic battery cells, for example, so the need for a probe is not quite clear. According to a PDF that the Times says comes from ...
10th August 2013

Update: Tesla, Top Gear Continue Verbal Spat Over Libel Suit

Last week we reported that Tesla Motors, maker of the of the 2-seater all-electric Tesla Roadster, is serving Top Gear with a libel suit claiming that an episode featuring the sports car contained false and exaggerated criticisms, some of which included failed brakes and an overheated and immobilized motor.  A complete explanation of the claim is posted on Tesla’s website. Recently, Top Gear’s executive producer Andy Wilman responded to the suit in a blog post on ...
5th August 2013

Does Tesla Have What It Takes to Make It?

Last week, Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk opened his doors to the media, allowing the outside world to see his company’s proposed Model S sedan. Founded in 2003, Tesla has come on the scene as a company looking to revolutionize the way cars move—with electric power. After the company’s first model, the Tesla Roadster, with its 250-mile range, left production earlier this year, ...
28th July 2013

Tesla’s Model S software updates connect well with Wired

Earlier this month, Tesla Motors announced a software update for its Model S all-electric luxury sedan. No less an authority than our old friend Damon Lavrinc over at Wired has blessed the upgrade. Lavrinc calls Tesla's upgrades a 'solid, feature-rich update' that overcomes what had been 'egregious oversights' for an automaker steeped in technological advancements. Some of the improvements of note include better, simpler voice-command features for navigation and radio control, which is handled through a ...
28th July 2013

Tesla Boss Hints at New Plant in Texas, EV Truck

Tesla Motors is in the middle of a spat with the Texas Automobile Dealers Association, but that isn’t stopping CEO Elon Musk from mapping out his future plans in Texas. If Musk has his way, Texas could be home to Tesla’s second assembly plant, he told Automotive News. And if that weren’t enough, he said the new plant could produce an EV truck, if the company ever offers pickups. Musk didn’t specify which cities he’s considering ...