5th September 2013

Tesla Model S Sedan Draws Closer to Production; Plant Announcement Coming

Tesla has left us enamored with its Lotus-bodied Roadster but if we want to see the next-generation drop-top, the California-based electric-vehicle maker has to roll out its mass-market Model S sedan first. Set to launch in 2012, the Model S is Tesla’s first fully home-brewed vehicle and will be manufactured at its new, unannounced facility on the West Coast. While details on the Model S broke early last year, Tesla has yet to announce where its ...
27th August 2013

Quick-Charging EV Charging Infrastucture: Ford, GM, Nissan, Chrysler, Tesla Sign DOT Pledge

Early sales of electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV may have proved underwhelming, but don’t count out the zero-emissions vehicles yet. At the Washington Auto Show, the Department of Energy announced the Workplace Charging Challenge signed by 13 companies including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Tesla, and Google. These companies have pledged to introduce a plan for workplace charging in at least one major company location. The DOE says the ultimate goal over the ...
23rd August 2013

Ford, Nissan Quietly Received Loans From Department of Energy For Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Ford, being the only company that didn’t get the much-publicized bailout back in 2008, had the envious position of bragging about its financial stability to its Detroit rivals. But this time it’s Ford, not GM or Chrysler, that has been receiving loans from the US government in order to upgrade its assembly lines. Ford received $5.9 billion in June 2009, and since then ...
21st August 2013

Tesla Predicts $178 Million for Initial Public Offering

Get your checkbooks out: Tesla is now planning to file an initial public offering at an estimated $178 million. Well, not quite yet. Tesla, which has lost money hand over fist since inception, believes it can make an IPO of $178 million, up from a January estimate of $100 million. The automaker plans to sell just over 11 million shares, at $14 to $16 each, and will be bolstered by a planned $50 million investment from Toyota. Currently, ...
20th August 2013

Watch the Tesla Model S Attempt to Reach Las Vegas from L.A. on a Single Charge

Like it or not, an increasing number of automakers are experimenting with electric vehicles. Whether EVs will supplant internal combustion engines or only complement regular vehicles depends on how well executed they become. On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, host Jessi Lang and Motor Trend technical director Frank Markus attempt to drive the all-new Tesla Model S from Los Angeles to the Las Vegas strip on a single charge – the first real-world range ...
13th August 2013

NHTSA Wants Hybrids, Electric Vehicles to Have Minimum Sound Requirement

Hybrid and electric vehicles have many positives, primarily fuel economy. An electric motor generates all the necessary power to get up and go, without the assistance of a noisy gasoline engine. But that lack of noise is one of the drawbacks: the absence of engine noise means pedestrians have a harder time hearing these vehicles coming. If the National Highway Transportation Safety ...
6th August 2013

Week in Review: February 6-10

Week in Review: February 6-10

This week marked the start of the Chicago Auto Show, showing us new Hyundais, Kias, a family crossover from GMC, and more, sustaining its reputation as the “consumers’ auto show.” Oh yeah, and there was a 650-horsepower Mustang GT500 convertible, surely an outlier. Regardless, it was a week of news, controversy, success, and failure. Read below for the biggest stories of the ...
3rd August 2013

Toyota Finally Moving Forward with Mississippi Plant; Corolla on Build List

For the past two years, the 170 employee skeleton crew at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi (TMMM) , located in quiet Blue Springs in the northern part of the Magnolia State, have kept themselves busy despite their plant never reaching operational status.  That’s all about to change in 2011. TMMM was originally announced back in February 2007 as the then-latest site for the Highlander. Then came the economic meltdown. The auto industry was hit especially hard during the recent ...
26th July 2013

Tesla Model S Gains Performance Plus Package With Sportier Tires

Tesla says that a new upgrade package for the Model S electric car will endow it with “supercar handling.” Whether that’s exaggeration remains to be seen, but the new $6500 Performance Plus pack does add stickier tires and other suspension enhancements to improve the car’s handling. The upgrade package is available only for the Tesla Model S Performance, which has an 85-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Its electric drive motor is rated for 416 hp and 443 ...
18th July 2013

Daimler Acquires Ten Percent Stake in Tesla – Rumor Central

Daimler Acquires Ten Percent Stake in Tesla As Tesla is looking for money to fund development, German carmaker Daimler bought a 10-percent equity stake of the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer. Daimler and Tesla have been working together to integrate Tesla’s lithium-ion battery packs and charging electronics into the Smart ForTwo. Daimler said its stake in Tesla will allow the companies to collaborate even more closely on the development of battery systems, electric drive systems and other vehicle ...