3rd July 2013

My Best Ride of the Year — Praising the Primitive

By Jonathan Welsh Jonathan Welsh Ural sidecar motorcycle, ready for its next mission. Sure, I get a little tired of all the best-car awards that come out this time of year. But I also can’t resist naming my own favorite test vehicle of 2012. I usually try to pick a new model that broke the mold, changed the game or moved the ball forward. But I can’t think of any that lived up to even those exhausted cliches. I loved Toyota’s Prius plug-in, which ...
17th June 2013

Tesla: Model S drivers can take a road trip coast-to-coast later this year – for free

Tesla, amongst its many EV innovations, has a series of fast-charging stations called “Superchargers.” Currently, these chargers allow for nearly 100-kilowatt charging for the Tesla Model S but are only offered in California and the well-traveled corridor between Boston and Washington, D.C. Tesla owners can juice up their sleek rides in about an hour. That is all about to change, however. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk announced Thursday morning in a conference call that the upstart EV ...
15th June 2013

Opinion: Can Electric Cars Crack the Mass Market?

By Ron Adner Getty Images Nissan Leaf The Chevy Volt was crowned European Car of the Year for 2012 on March 5. But the celebration was muted by GM’s decision—three days earlier—to halt the Volt production line due to a lack of consumer demand. Nissan’s Leaf, which won the accolade in 2011, has also fared poorly in the market. Great cars, terrible sales—here is your e-car paradox. The electric car has become a political litmus test. With billions of ...
15th June 2013

Tesla Model S Plays in the Snow and Ice

Remember when we were all kids and our parents would constantly remind us never to play with anything electric around water? For the most part, we all listened to them, right? We wonder if the same goes for playing with a really big electric toy on top of frozen water – AKA snow and ice.According to Tesla, the rule definitely does not apply to frozen water, or the company just so happens to be chocked ...