20th July 2013

Cars to Watch: Five Models Show Where Auto Industry is Going

By Joseph B. White Getty Images BMW’s i3 electric concept car is among the models worth watching. Los Angeles is a town where people like to get noticed for what they drive, and expect to be served the auto industry’s freshest ideas. Which is why the Los Angeles Auto Show, which opened late last week, makes an excellent place for spotting trends. There, the newest approaches to electric cars are being spotlighted. And old notions of what makes high-performance ...
18th July 2013

CNN drives Tesla Model S from Washington, D.C. to Boston

In the midst of the furor over New York Times reporter John Broder’s unpleasant experience with a Tesla Model S, and company CEO Elon Musk’s aggressive response, CNN was actually able to drive a Model S from Washington, D.C. to Boston, the original goal of Broder’s test. CNNMoney reporter Peter Valdes-Dapena writes that the trip was only mildly anxiety-producing. However, despite taking the same route, this was not an identical drive to Broder’s. “There were some differences ...
9th July 2013

Elon Musk: Tesla could go federal with franchise dealer fight

Mr. Musk Goes to Washington? Jimmy Stewart references aside, that's the approach Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk may take in his crusade to get factory-owned dealerships legalized. Musk tells Automotive News that he may go to Congress in an attempt to take on the country's auto-dealer groups in order for his company to own all of its distribution channels. Musk's main argument is that there is a conflict of interest when one dealer sells battery-electric vehicles ...
7th July 2013

Tesla says reservations for the Model S are not tranferrable

With all of the praise being heaped on the Tesla Model S by the automotive press, it’s not difficult to see why a long waiting list is forming for the forthcoming electric car. But Tesla is still quite a small company, and with a waiting list now 14,000 names long, it will take the better part of a year before they can deliver to all those eager customers, especially at current production capacity. But some people, ...
5th July 2013

Tesla takes New York Times to task for damning Model S review

The social media tête-à-tête between The New York Times and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, stemming from a defamatory review by John Broder of the Model S and Tesla's new 'Supercharger' network on the East Coast, is heating up in a major way. Just yesterday we summarized the Twitter spat, and now Musk has expanded upon the data recorded during Broder's test drive – adding major credence to the criticism of the NYT writer. The smoking gun ...
30th June 2013

Formula E Racing Goes Hunting for Respect, and a Market

Formula E Holdings Formulec EF01 prototype, which is scheduled to be raced in demonstrations in 2013. For years, efforts to bring a Formula One race to the streets of an American city have failed in part over residents’ objections to noisy gas guzzlers whizzing past their homes. Alejandro Agag thinks he has a solution: Race electric cars instead. Mr. Agag, the chief executive of Formula E Holdings, is trying to build a global racing circuit using battery-powered ...
28th June 2013

Tesla Model X Delayed Until "Late 2014" – Rumor Central

The Tesla Model X electric crossover won’t start production until late 2014, a major delay as the car was slated to go into production this year. Tesla had initially promised the Model X would debut in late 2013 with “volume” production beginning in earnest by 2014, but now it appears the Tesla factory won’t even start building the crossover until the end of next year. The Tesla Model X is a three-row crossover with upward-opening “Falcon ...
27th June 2013

North Carolina targets Tesla, considers banning direct-to-consumer sales

North Carolina is the latest state to line up against Tesla Motors by proposing a bill that would bar direct automaker-to-customer sales within the state, the Raleigh News & Observer reports. Still, Tesla says plans to open a showroom there and has sold about 80 cars to North Carolina residents, with reservations for about 60 more. According to Slate, a bill pushed by the state's Senate Commerce Committee – and backed, of course, by the North ...
26th June 2013

Tesla pushes Model X back to 2014 to focus on Model S

The Tesla Model S has been a staggering sales success by electric car terms. The electric car company headed by Elon Musk is on track to surpass 2012′s record of selling 20,000 of the sleek EVs in annual sales for 2013. Riding high on the Model S triumph, Tesla has decided to continue pushing the sports sedan, delaying the eagerly anticipated Model X. Slated to go on sale later this year, the Model X will be ...