7th September 2013

Elon Musk regrets not saying more about NYT Model S review

Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk has always taken pains to pitch how far his cars can go when sufficiently charged. The man himself is proving he can go quite a distance as well. Sufficiently chafed by a review of the Tesla Model S in The New York Times that said the electric vehicle's single-charge range was far less than advertised, Musk called the February 8 article a 'low-grade ethics violation' in a recent interview at the ...
31st August 2013

Rolls-Royce copies Tesla and opens its first in-mall boutique showroom

Tesla got a lot of flack when it opened its showrooms inside of malls, turning the entire dealership and car buying process on its head. Though Tesla has been banned from such sales in a couple of states including Texas and perhaps soon in North Carolina, the idea has apparently inspired others, notably Rolls-Royce. Rolls officially announced today that it has opened its first-ever boutique showroom in Bangkok, Thailand, of all places. Just like the Tesla showrooms, ...
31st August 2013

Tesla Model X will be very quick, very roomy and revealed Feb 9

Back in October, AutoblogGreen reported that the all-electric crossover from Tesla, the Model X, would be revealed ahead of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show? Well, scratch that. That information was, apparently, inaccurate. Dubitable. Counterfactual even. Instead, it seems that February 9 marks the day the X is to be spotted. The news comes courtesy of the enthusiasts over at the Tesla Motor Club forum. A member read in a recent copy of Barclays Capital research ...
29th August 2013

Alpha Testing: Tesla Details Engineering Advances of Model S Development

Tesla’s out to prove its electric Model S luxury hatchback is unique in its technological advancement. To make that happen, the company has released three videos featuring Peter Rawlinson, Tesla’s vice president of vehicle engineering, talking about the car’s structure. We’re expecting to find more information about the Model S at the Detroit Auto Show next week but, for now, we’ve got these videos highlighting the aluminum structure. “We’re particularly pleased with this,” Rawlinson says, “it’s a ...
28th August 2013

Tesla Model X Pushed Back One Year

Tesla Model X Pushed Back One Year

So, we have been very patient with what may be one of the best crossover SUVs ever built: the Tesla Model X. We were expecting to see the Model X released in late-2013 for the 2014 model year, but things are changing, as they usually do. According to a report by Los Angeles Times, the Model X’s production has been pushed to late-2014 with deliveries happening in 2015. The reasoning for the delay is that ...
21st August 2013

Tesla Model S can save $284 a month, Tesla Motors says

Tesla Motors is doing so well that it recently cancelled plans for a base model that would undercut the $69,900 Model S. Still, it’s important to let customers know that they’re getting a good deal, and Tesla thinks its customers are. It thinks a combination of low electricity costs and government incentives will make the Model S significantly cheaper to own than a comparable luxury sedan. The carmaker from Silicon Valley is starting a three-year lease ...
19th August 2013

Tesla announces European pricing for Model S, will make “same level of profit” as in US

Tesla Motors has announced European pricing for the Model S all-electric luxury sedan and has given a time frame for first sales of both left-hand and right-hand-drive versions across the Pond. Tesla is giving the Model S vehicles earmarked for the Netherlands a base price of about $96,000 and a Performance version of about $129,000. The company said on its blog that the prices, which mark about a $30,000 premium on US versions, factor in transportation ...
11th August 2013

Game on! Elon Musk calls Fisker Karma ‘a mediocre product at a high price’

It is official: Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and Fisker Automotive chief Henrik Fisker are throwing jabs at each other, without wearing gloves or safety helmets! Okay, maybe it's not that exciting, but, for those interested in the egos and competition behind the new industry of luxury plug-ins, it's worth checking out. Most of the juicy information came from the extremely busy Musk, taking time away from developing advanced EV technology and Space X cargo ships, ...
6th August 2013

Tesla selling new stock, debt worth $830m in order to pay off DOE loan

Anyone paying attention to the electric vehicle scene for the last few weeks knows that the stock value of Tesla Motors has been climbing faster than a SpaceX rocket. As of this writing, TSLA is sitting pretty at $92 a share. Three weeks ago, it was at a then-record-high of $53. In light of all the commotion, Tesla is going to make some money and pay back the government. The company announced yesterday it will sell ...
27th July 2013

Teslas on Video: From Model S Road Trips to Roadster vs. Porsche Boxster Comparo

Now that we’ve crowned the Tesla Model S the Motor Trend 2013 Car of the Year, we’ve dug up the best videos of the electric cars that we could find. From videos documenting the development of the Tesla Model S to a Motor Trend comparison with a Tesla Roadster and a Porsche Boxster, get your fill of Tesla videos right here. The Tesla Model S was designed and engineered with one goal in mind: to cure ...