19th June 2013

Report: Tesla Under Fire Over Factory-Owned Stores – Rumor Central

Haven’t we heard this one before? An auto manufacturer opens a dealership owned by them (and not a franchise) and gets called out by various dealer organizations and state governments for violating franchise laws. Tesla is now coming under fire for that very reason. Automotive News is reporting that the manufacturer-owned stores that Tesla has been opening up across the country are in a direct violation of various states’ franchise laws. Some states completely prohibit dealerships ...
16th June 2013

Staff Picks: The Best and Worst Cars We Drove in 2012

And just like that, we’re closing the book on 2012 and preparing to start 2013. Motor Trend staffers were lucky enough to drive a wide assortment of fantastic cars, with everything from the 74-hp Volkswagen Up! to the 691-hp Lamborghini Aventador passing through our garage. Of the hundreds of cars we’ve driven this year, these are the cars that stood out most to our editors in 2012, for better and for worse. Erick Ayapana, Associate Online ...
16th June 2013

Tesla to introduce new $30,000 compact sedan as EV company expands its charging network

In an aggressive move to ramp up its product line-up, Telsa has announced it will build a new compact sedan aimed at competing with the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. The new all-electric car will share the same underpinnings as the upcoming new Tesla X crossover vehicle due in 2014, according to a report by Reuters. News of both the compact car and sedan confirm earlier reports by Tesla CEO Elon Musk that the automaker wants ...
13th June 2013

Tesla will have to pay back DOE loan early, says it’s ready to do so

The 0-60 mile per hour acceleration time of the top-of-the-line Tesla Model S is 4.4 seconds. Now, the federal government is looking for Tesla Motors to similarly pick up the pace. The electric vehicle maker, which received a $465 million credit line from the U.S. Department of Energy, is being asked to speed up its repayment pace once Tesla starts paying off the loans later this year, the company said in a Securities and Exchange Commission ...
11th June 2013

SAE, ACEA, and OEMs Recommend CCS to Go all AC/DC at EVS26

Fear not, electric vehicle owners and considerers: Fast-charging is about to get simplified. Thanks to the SAE, the ACEA, and most major OEMs, the CCS is about to get all AC/DC, and very soon, if demonstrations at EVS go according to plan. OK, let’s back that up, in case you’re not a credentialed automotive engineer. Since the dawn of automotive electrification, the collective ...