5th August 2013

Was Tesla Model S January’s best-selling plug-in?

And America's best selling plug-in vehicle for 2013 is...the Tesla Model S? That's what Inside EVs calculates by way of extrapolating the company's production capacity of 400 units a week and the fact that the company's still working down its backlog of orders. Tesla, of course, is mum on its sales numbers, with spokeswoman Shanna Hendriks saying only that the company will reveal some sales details during its fourth-quarter 2012 earnings call scheduled for later this ...
30th July 2013

Tesla Offers Roadster Customers a New Leasing Option

Since the automaker’s inception, the only way would-be Tesla Roadster drivers could get the electric sports car in their garages was to purchase one outright. But all that’s about to change with Tesla’s new vehicle leasing program. Purchasing any car — let alone a two-seat all-electric sports car that runs over $100,000 — is a big decision. In order to get more people behind the wheel of its Roadsters, Tesla launched its Tesla Motors Leasing program. ...
24th July 2013

Coda Offers $552 Charging Rebate for California Buyers in October

Coda Automotive is offering a $552 rebate to buyers in California during the month of October. The automaker says the rebate is equal to the cost of electricity it would take to propel the Coda sedan 10,000 miles in the Sunshine State, based on current electricity costs and the EV’s 88-mile range. The rebate is also being used to draw attention to the lower cost of electrical energy compared to gasoline and diesel. Using figures from ...
23rd July 2013

In Quest for Brand Immersion, Audi Programs a Virtual Showroom for London

Audi of AmericaA rendering of Audi City, the brand-immersion space that opened near Piccadilly Circus this week. Audi has brought its interlocking four rings to the five-ring circus of the 2012 London Olympics, inaugurating a store near Piccadilly Circus. The space, called Audi City, presents the company’s full line of models in life-size, digital form. Peter Schwarzenbauer, the company’s head of sales, said at the store opening on Monday that the London outpost would be the first ...
23rd July 2013

Tesla Model ST wagon rendered, would you like one?

Theophilus Chin has been known to wagonize a vehicle or two with his computer skills, so the fictional Tesla Model ST wagon seen above is not a total surprise. Chin took the exquisite shape of the Model S and left the front end pretty much alone. In the back, though, Chin created a station wagon for the plug-in generation, complete with a practical (if range-affecting) roof rack. We know Tesla is officially working on new ...
22nd July 2013

Tesla Model S road trip drivers find success along NYT’s failed drive route [w/video]

'There is a learning curve to taking long road trips in an EV, especially in the cold.' In the last week, we have read and written many thousands of words about the Tesla Model S road trip that The New York Times writer John Broder could not accomplish. Thanks to a critical tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a digital firestorm erupted about the electric vehicle test drive (if you need a refresher, please read these ...
18th July 2013

Tesla Fully Repays Government Loan Nine Years Early

Not long after offering 2.7 million additional shares, Tesla has just announced that the company has fully repaid the Department of Energy loan that wasn’t due until late in 2022. The announcement follows a string of recent company updates, including how Tesla sells and warranties the Model S. Tesla wired $451.8 million to fully repay the loan with interest, and in a release the automaker says it is the only American car company to have fully ...
15th July 2013

Tesla loses $100M over NYT article

If you’ve followed the news in the past week, you’ve probably seen the battle of wits, statistics, and data between the New York Times and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.  Earlier in the month, the NYT published a story claiming that Tesla’s all-electric Model S luxury sedan didn’t live up to its 300-mile-per-charge range.  Even worse, the story explained how the author was stranded on the side of the road, leaving the car to be hauled away on the back ...
12th July 2013

Tesla Model S Awarded as Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year

Electric cars are just a fad, vaporware made from the best Unobtainium money can buy. If these are your sentiments, it’s time to rethink them. No, it’s time to throw them out of your psyche for good. An electric car can now be an only car—and a darn good one at that. All it took was someone to come along with the vision ...
12th July 2013

Full Disclosure: Tesla Anticipates 300-Mile Model S to Be EPA-Rated for 265 Miles – Rumor Central

Tesla is preparing to deliver its first Model S electric sedans to customers next month, but in the spirit of full disclosure, has outlined why it anticipates its 300-mile version will be rated by the EPA for 265 miles. The Model S’ drawn-out unveiling has ingrained three specific driving ranges related to battery size – 160, 230, and 300 miles – but the EPA will have its own stamp of approval. An official blog bylined by ...