2013 Tesla Model S Tested at the Track and on the Streets in New Ignition

We’ve tested the 2013 Tesla Model S’ range on three single-charge road trips, but how will the car perform on the track? In this episode of Ignition, associate road test editor Carlos Lago puts the Model S through our standard battery of tests to see just how fast and fun the electric car is to drive.

2013 Tesla Model S on Ignition image 6 300x187 imageAt the test track the Model S reached 60 mph in 4.0 seconds and finished the quarter-mile in 12.4 seconds at 112.5 mph while it stopped from 60 mph took 113 feet. Despite its hefty weight, the Model S handles well because the battery pack’s mass sits low in the chassis.

Lago then takes the Model S to the streets to see how the electric car behaves in the real world. Check out the video below to hear Lago’s conclusion about the Model S and whether he thinks it’s a viable alternative to traditional gas-powered cars. And if you haven’t seen it, watch the Tesla Model S vs. BMW M5 drag race here.

By Jason Udy